Select Committee on Treasury Written Evidence

Supplementary note from HM Revenue and Customs

Q1 Chairman: Today we are going to focus on tax credits as well as the progress of the merger of Revenue and Customs. On a procedural point, before we get into that, perhaps I could ask you why copies of your 2004-05 accounts were not made available to us properly until five o'clock last night.

Mr Varney: I do not know. I can look into that.

  With the Chairman due to give oral evidence on 12 October, we accept we should have made arrangements, in addition to following the normal arrangements for making copies of the accounts available to the House, ensuring that when the 2004-05 accounts were formally presented to Parliament on 10 October a sufficiently large number of copies was delivered to the Clerk to meet the needs of the Sub-committee and its staff. That only 10 copies were delivered on 10 October is regrettable and the Department apologises for the inconvenience which this oversight evidently caused to the Sub-committee.

4 November 2005

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Prepared 15 December 2005