Select Committee on Treasury Written Evidence

Extract from a letter from Professor David Rhind, Chairman of the Statistics Commission

  The committee might wish to be aware of some current and imminent developments in our work. I appreciate that the committee will not want to be inundated with documents at this time but I would like to draw your attention to five specific items:[1]

    —  A report Managing the Quality of Official Statistics that we are publishing on 26 October—an advance copy of which we are sending to you today.

    —  A short synopsis that we have provided to the Committee on Standards in Public Life ahead of a meeting on 27 October (enclosed).

    —  To be aware that we will be making available for comment a draft report entitled PSA Targets: The Devil in the Detail which considers the statistical foundations of each of the existing PSA targets. This is a substantial and detailed report but we will assume that you would wish to see it and we will therefore deliver a copy to you at the earliest possible date, we expect that to be 28 October.

    —  We have recently conducted a survey of the views of people who the Statistics Commission has dealings with—about our effectiveness and impact. We are currently analysing the results and will seek to make a summary available ahead of our appearance at the TSC. We are aiming for 28 October.

    —  A copy of the letter that I sent to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury on 27 September. This letter outlines the issues that the Statistics Commission would like to see addressed in the forthcoming review of the Framework for National Statistics. The letter is available on our web site but you might nonetheless find it helpful to have the enclosed copy.

21 October 2005

1   Each of these five items is available at the Statistics Commission's website, Back

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Prepared 12 December 2005