Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Written Evidence

Written Evidence from Richard Wilson, Cambrian Mountains Society

  I am writing on behalf of the Cambrian Mountains Society, a charity whose objects are:

  1.  To promote, for the benefit of local communities, and of the wider public, measures which will sustain or enhance the landscape, natural beauty, biodiversity, archaeology, scientific interest, and cultural heritage of the Cambrian Mountains.

  2.  To promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of the Cambrian Mountains.

  A major current concern of the society is the threat posed by major wind energy developments to the landscape, natural beauty, biodiversity, and scientific interest of the Cambrian Mountains. We also believe such developments to be damaging to the interests of the communities of the Cambrian Mountains, whose future viability will be increasingly dependent on those qualities of their environment which we seek to sustain and enhance.

  We deplore the designation by the Welsh Assembly Government in its Technical Advice Note 8 of the Nant-y-moch Strategic Search Area, and shall oppose any major wind energy development arising therefrom, as we shall any other proposal which we believe threatens the integrity of the Cambrian Mountains.

  We urge the Committee to discourage major windfarm developments in the Cambrian Mountains, and to promote a renewable energy strategy which does not involve the blighting of one Wales' finest landscape assets.

1 December 2005

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Prepared 20 July 2006