Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Written Evidence

Written Evidence from Russ Sheaf


  You know the issues here undoubtedly but I would be failing myself and the people of Llandudno if I didn't register my objection to this industrial development on the grounds that it will have serious ramifications for the future tourist trade in the area. The area around Llandudno is North Wales's key tourism location. More than one-fifth of all the tourism revenue in North Wales is spent there.

  Three important points are : N Power's figures on visual impact and effects on tourism? Their research is, I believe, questionable. My own face to face market research with many hundreds of tourists (spent over many hours in the summer on the prom no less) shows a rejection of the development to the order of over 90% In addition The visual impact photographs of the giant turbines seem to have been taken with a wide angle lens rather than the eye equivalent of 50mm and are clearly misleading. Lastly there is a growing spread of alarm at the possibility that if a natural flood defence barrier is disrupted there could be catastrophic flooding in an area that in the past has had major flooding issues.

  May I also ask what other possible economic benefit it can bring to the area-surely not just the 120 promised "local" jobs? Compare that please to the loss of employment in the tourism industry.

  If N.Power has its application accepted the premier Welsh resort of Llandudno will be desecrated by the erection, just off the bay, of over 200 windmills, each higher than Blackpool tower. This wonderfully preserved Victorian town will be industrialised.

16 December 2005

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Prepared 20 July 2006