Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Written Evidence

Written Evidence from Jonathan Lincoln, Sustainable Energy Alliance (SEA)

  I am writing as the co-ordinator for the environmental campaign group Sustainable Energy Alliance (5 FA to ask for your support for the proposed Gwynt-Y-Mor offshore wind farm.

  Gwynt-Y-Mor, if built will number some 200 turbines and will be sited nine miles off the coast of Llandudno, it will have a generating capacity of up to 750 MW, enough to meet the demands each year of 500,000 homes (or 41% of houses in Wales).

  It is agreed that climate change is a serious and global threat, if we are to address this very real problem then we need to move away from dirty polluting fossil fuels and nuclear power with its inherent risks and huge financial cost, we must instead as a priority, invest in clean green renewable technologies such as wind, solar and wave energy.

  Offshore wind provides a clear opportunity to produce clean and sustainable energy and it works! Britain has the best wind resource in Europe and the potential to develop a world class offshore wind industry. The building of this wind farm provides a great opportunity for Wales and would show the rest of the

  UK and the world that this country takes its responsibilities and commitment to the Kyoto protocol very seriously.

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Prepared 20 July 2006