Select Committee on Work and Pensions Fourth Report


Terms of reference for the inquiry

  • Whether the proposal for a National Pension Savings Scheme is the right way forward and, if so, how it should work;
  • The impact on saving behaviour of the reforms and of existing incentives (such as tax relief);
  • The future role of employers in pension provision and the impact on this of proposals for reform;
  • Proposals for reform of the state pension system;
  • Whether, when and by how much the State Pension Age should be increased;
  • Measures to facilitate later working and flexible retirement;
  • The impact of reform proposals on the pension incomes of different groups, including the self-employed and those currently at particular risk of being 'under-pensioned', such as women, disabled people, ethnic minorities and people with varied work patterns; and

Whether proposals for reform adequately address inequalities in pension provision.

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Prepared 22 July 2006