Select Committee on Work and Pensions Written Evidence



  Association of North East Councils

  Government Office North East

  Job Centre Plus

  Learning and Skills Council

  Newcastle University

  North East Employer Coalition

  One NorthEast

  Sunderland City Council

  Trade Union Congress

  Regional Worklessness Groups

  Terms of Reference


  To provide a forum for partnership working, vision and direction at a strategic level, it is proposed to establish a top level Group under the auspices of the Regional Skills Partnership.


  purpose of the group is to act as a high-level strategic body to:

    —  bring together top level representatives;

    —  challenge thinking and practice within the region; and

    —  engage with central Government policy and decision-making.

  This group will discuss and examine worklessness policy at strategic level, and provide overall direction and "challenge" to the more operational focus of the Task Group. The Regional Development Agency "secretariat" provides a direct link between the two groups.


  The practical work to improve and develop worklessness policy will be co-ordinated by a broad Task Group.

  The purpose of the group is to bring together the key players with an interest in reducing worklessness across the North East to address relevant Skills North East priorities, particularly "supporting individuals not currently participating in the labour market to access learning and sustainable employment", and related actions. It will achieve this through:

    —  sharing information and developing a shared understanding of the problems and effective solutions;

    —  identifying, promoting and disseminating good practice in reducing worklessness;

    —  providing a forum for discussing the co-ordination of programmes and initiatives across public agencies and the development of new initiatives where needed;

    —  providing a regional focus for public sector engagement with the private sector, employers, client representative groups and the voluntary sector; and

    —  in the longer term, moving towards integration of programmes and pooling of discretionary activities across agencies.

John Taylor

3 October 2005

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