Select Committee on Work and Pensions Written Evidence

Memorandum submitted by Mr Singleton


  From the Green Paper it is unclear whether or not people who are currently in the Personal Capability Assessment Exemptions would be subject to assessments in the future or whether or not they would automatically transfer to whatever replaces the exempt group.

  In addition, it is unclear whether these people would in the future be means tested and have occupational pensions taken into account.

  I would ask that clarity on these matters is provided at the White Paper stage.

  In context:

  I am now 50 years old, my employment was terminated on the grounds of incapacity due to ill health in March 2003, I receive the highest rate care component of DLA, I have a severe and progressive neurological muscle wasting disease.

  It is very worrying time for me being unsure what is going to possibly happen, the thought of undergoing assessment tests is frightening as is the thought of losing a substantial part of my income.

Mr A Singleton

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Prepared 6 May 2006