Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

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Mr. Reid: Further to that point of order,Mr. Atkinson. I thank you and your co-Chairman,Mr. Taylor, for conducting us efficiently through the Bill. I thank also all the staff who have assisted us and made the debate possible.
Sammy Wilson: Further to that point of order,Mr. Atkinson. I, too, on behalf of my group, who have been markedly absent today—they have deserted me—thank you for the expert way in which you have guided the Committee and for the last-minute incentive you gave us to rush through the final parts of the Bill. I thank also the Clerks and other staff who have steered the Committee through our proceedings.
Lady Hermon: Further to that point of order,Mr. Atkinson. It would be remiss of me not to pay tribute to your kind chairmanship this afternoon, and to that of your co-Chairman, Mr. David Taylor, this morning. I must single out for comment the Whip, the hon. Member for Gedling. He happens to be in the Government party, but as an Opposition Member, I note that he has been very kind to all members of the Committee and has been receptive to the odd text message from the hon. Member for North Down, asking him why I have not been notified of certain matters. He always tries to keep us very well informed, and I single him out for thanks.
I commend also Hansard and the other officials. I commend Hansard for its speed, because when asked in a note in a brown envelope to submit the Secretary of State’s quotation from September, I did so, and when, within minutes, I needed it back, it had already gone. I commend Hansard staff for their efficiency and speed, and I look forward to reading what the hon. Member for East Antrim said in his long contribution on electricity. I am sure that I will understand it better on a second reading.
Dr. McDonnell: Further to that point of order,Mr. Atkinson. I add my thanks and appreciation to all involved. However, perhaps the best way of showing that to staff would be to shut up and let them out of here. I add my thanks to you personally, Mr. Atkinson, because I am relatively new—I have less than a year under my belt—and I have appreciated your understanding and flexibility towards me as I am not quite up to speed with procedure.
The Chairman: I thank the Committee for being so co-operative with my co-Chairman and me. I am sure that we are all delighted not to have to come back at 10.30 on Tuesday morning.
Question put and agreed to.
Bill, as amended, to be reported.
Committee rose at twenty-four minutes past Six o’clock.
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