Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Private Business 2005     Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)


  109.  There shall be a committee, to be called the Committee of Selection, consisting of nine Members, of whom three shall be a quorum: and every private bill on committal shall stand referred to the committee.   Appointment of Committee of Selection.
(HL 95)
  110.  The Committee of Selection may, if it thinks fit, form into groups all opposed private bills which, in its opinion, it may be expedient to submit to the same committee, and the groups so formed shall be published with the Votes.   Power of Committee of Selection to form groups of opposed bills. (HL 95)
  111.-(1)  The Committee of Selection shall refer every opposed private bill which stands referred to it, or any group of such bills, to a committee of four members not locally or otherwise interested in the bill or bills referred to it, and shall at the same time nominate one of the members as chairman.   Reference to committees of opposed and unopposed bills. (HL 104, 121)
  (2)  The Committee of Selection shall refer every unopposed bill which stands referred to it to the Committee on Unopposed Bills which shall consist of seven members, namely the Chairman of Ways and Means, the Deputy Chairmen of Ways and Means, and four members selected by the Chairman of Ways and Means from a panel to be appointed by the Committee of Selection at the commencement of every session.
  (3)  The Committee of Selection shall not treat any bill as an opposed bill unless a petition in which the petitioner prays to be heard against the bill has been presented in accordance with Standing Order 171A (Petitions against private bills) or Standing Order 235 (Petitions in favour of or against draft provisional orders) and has not been withdrawn, or the Chairman of Ways and Means has informed the House that in his opinion the bill ought to be treated as an opposed bill.
  112.  When the Chairman of Ways and Means has in pursuance of Standing Order 85 (Power of Chairman of Ways and Means to report special circumstances, etc., to House) informed the House that, in his opinion, an unopposed bill ought to be treated as an opposed bill, the bill shall again stand referred to the Committee of Selection.   Reference back to Committee of Selection of unopposed bills when treated as opposed.
  113.  The Committee of Selection shall, subject to the provisions of Standing Order 177 (Interval between committal of bill and sitting of committee) in regard to the interval between the committal of a private bill and the sitting of the committee thereupon, fix the time for holding the first sitting of every committee to which has been referred an opposed private bill, or a group of private bills.   Committee of Selection to appoint first sitting of committee on opposed bill.
(HL 95)
  114.  The Committee of Selection shall name the bill or bills which are to be taken into consideration at the first sitting of the committee on any group of bills.   Committee of Selection to name bill or bills to be considered at first sitting of committee.
(HL 108)
  115.  To each member appointed to be a member of a committee on any opposed private bill or group of private bills the Committee of Selection shall give notice of his appointment and transmit to him a blank form of the declaration which under Standing Order 120 (Declaration by members of committee on opposed bill) he is required to sign, with a request that it may forthwith be returned properly filled up and signed.   Notice to members of committees.
  116.  The Committee of Selection shall report to the House the name of every member from whom it has not received within a reasonable time such declaration as is mentioned in the last preceding order, filled up and signed as therein mentioned, or, in lieu thereof, an excuse which it deems sufficient.   Non-return of declaration.
  117.  The Committee of Selection shall have the power of discharging from a committee any member or members appointed by it and of substituting an equal number of other members.   Power of Committee of Selection to change membership of committees.
  118.  The Committee of Selection shall have power, in the execution of its duties, to send for persons, papers and records.   Power of Committee of Selection to send for persons, etc.

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Prepared 28 November 2005