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, continued



General advice as to politically restricted posts: England



The Secretary of State may in relation to England give such general


advice with respect to the determination of questions arising by virtue of


section 2(3) as he considers appropriate.



Before giving general advice under this section the Secretary of State


must consult such representatives of local government and such


organisations appearing to him to represent employees in local


government as he considers appropriate.”’.


Clause, as amended, Agreed to.


Clause 150 Agreed to.


Andrew Stunell


Tom Brake


Dr John Pugh


Withdrawn  125


Clause  151,  page  108,  line  23,  leave out ‘abolished’ and insert ‘to be amalgamated


such that each new tribunal exercises jurisdiction over cases arising within each


Government Standard Economic Region.’.


Clause Agreed to.


Schedule 12 Agreed to.


Clause 152 Agreed to.


Andrew Stunell


Tom Brake


Dr John Pugh


Not selected  224


Clause  153,  page  109,  line  23,  at end insert—



The contractual arrangement made under subsection (1) shall provide for the


inclusion of those serving on any Public and Patient Involvement Forums within


the area on 31st December 2006.’.


Andrew Stunell


Tom Brake


Dr John Pugh


Not selected  225


Clause  153,  page  109,  line  26,  after ‘provision’, insert ‘reconfiguration’.





, continued


Alistair Burt


Mr Robert Syms


Michael Fabricant


Robert Neill


Mr David Burrowes


Mr Philip Dunne


Withdrawn  196


Clause  153,  page  109,  line  26,  at end insert—



monitoring the quality of the delivery of care services;’.


[Adjourned till Tuesday next at 10.30 a.m.

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