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Report Stage Proceedings: 13th March 2007                



Statistics and Registration Service Bill, continued



if he ceases to be a Member of the House of Commons or the House


of Lords;



if another person is appointed in his place.



Subject to sub-paragraph (1) above, a member of the Commission shall hold


office for the duration of the Parliament in which he is nominated or appointed


and for a further period provided by paragraph 2 of this Schedule.



A member of the Commission may resign at any time by notice to the





Past service is no bar to nomination or appointment as a member of the




2    (1)  

Subject to sub-paragraph (2) below, on a dissolution of Parliament, the


members of the Commission shall continue in office until members are


nominated or appointed in their place.



Where at any time after Parliament has been dissolved, it appears that a


member of the Commission who is not a Member of the House of Lords—



has not been validly nominated as a candidate in the ensuing general


election; or



although so nominated, has not been elected as a Member of


Parliament at that election



that member shall resign from the Commission forthwith; but nothing in sub-


paragraph (1) above or this sub-paragraph shall be taken as preventing any


such member from resigning otherwise than in pursuance of this sub-







The Commission shall elect a chairman from amongst its members (in this Act


referred to as “the Chairman of the Committee”).


Proceedings and business


4    (1)  

The validity of any proceedings of the Commission shall not be affected by any


vacancy among the members of the Committee or by any defect in the


appointment or nomination of any member.



The Commission may determine its own procedures.



The Commission may appoint one of its members to act as chairman at any


meeting of the Commission in the absence of the elected chairman of the




Bill read the third time, and passed.


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