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LORDS amendments

to the

Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Bill

[The page and line references are to HL Bill 42, the bill as first printed for the Lords.]

Clause 7


Page 5, line 27, at end insert “(including in particular exceptional circumstances


relating to lack of jurisdiction or error of law)”

After Clause 8


Insert the following new Clause—


“Duration of non-jury trial provisions



Sections 1 to 8 (and Schedule 1) (“the non-jury trial provisions”) shall expire


at the end of the period of two years beginning with the day on which


section 1 comes into force (“the effective period”).



But the Secretary of State may by order extend, or (on one or more


occasions) further extend, the effective period.



An order under subsection (2)—



must be made before the time when the effective period would end


but for the making of the order, and



shall have the effect of extending, or further extending, that period


for the period of two years beginning with that time.



The expiry of the non-jury trial provisions shall not affect their application


to a trial on indictment in relation to which—



a certificate under section 1 has been issued, and



the indictment has been presented,



before their expiry.



The expiry of section 4 shall not affect the committal of a person for trial in


accordance with subsection (3) of that section, or by virtue of subsection (4)

Bill 10054/2




or (6) of that section, to the Crown Court sitting in Belfast or elsewhere in a


case where the indictment has not been presented before its expiry.



The Secretary of State may by order make any amendments of enactments


(including provisions of Northern Ireland legislation) that appear to him to


be necessary or expedient in consequence of the expiry of the non-jury trial





An order under this section—



shall be made by statutory instrument, and



may not be made unless a draft has been laid before and approved


by resolution of each House of Parliament.”

Before Clause 42


Insert the following new Clause—


“Community restorative justice schemes



The Secretary of State shall maintain a public register of accredited


community restorative justice schemes.



Accredited community restorative justice schemes shall be inspected


regularly by the Criminal Justice Inspectorate, which shall report on such


inspections to the Secretary of State who shall publish a report.



A report under subsection (2) may make such recommendations as to the


conduct of a scheme as the Criminal Justice Inspectorate thinks fit.



If the Criminal Justice Inspectorate considers that a scheme is


unsatisfactory or is operating in an unsatisfactory manner, it may


recommend to the Secretary of State that it be removed from the register.”

Clause 42


Page 29, line 17, after “section” insert—



shall be made by statutory instrument; and




Page 29, line 21, leave out subsection (9)

Clause 50


Page 32, line 28, at end insert—


“( )    

Section (Duration of non-jury trial provisions)(6) and (7) extends to England


and Wales and Northern Ireland only.”


Page 32, line 29, after “Schedule 1” insert “(and sections 8 and (Duration of non-jury


trial provisions)(1) to (4) so far as relating to those amendments)”

Clause 51


Page 32, line 38, at end insert—


“( )    

section (Duration of non-jury trial provisions);”

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