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Report Stage Proceedings: 12th July 2007                



Further Education and Training Bill[ [], continued


Mr Barry Sheerman


Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods


Not selected  4


Page  24,  line  32  [Clause  33],  at end insert—



The following provisions apply to England only—



sections [Assessment of students in last year of compulsory schooling],


[Mentors for young persons], [Provision for young persons with special


educational needs and disabilities] and [Community leadership





Sarah Teather


Not called  28


Page  28,  line  2,  column  2  [Schedule  2],  at beginning insert—


‘Section 2.’.



Mr Barry Sheerman


Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods


Not selected  5


Title,  line  6,  after ‘training;’, insert ‘to make provision about post-16 education and




Bill read the third time and passed with amendments.


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