Waste Prevention and Recycling

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The Chairman: Order. I think all three political parties have had equal time out of order, so may we get back to the directive?
Mr. Bradshaw: Yes, Mr. Wilshire. I am talking about the targets that are being set under the directive. Those targets are delivered by local authorities—many are, as the hon. Gentleman rightly said, Conservative local authorities—that are subject to completely unwarranted criticism from his hon. Friend the Member for Meriden. I am delighted that we now have a Conservative Front-Bench spokesman who will stand up for the efforts that local authorities are making to increase their recycling rates. It is about time that we had that level of balance in Conservative policy.
Gregory Barker: I think the Minister has slightly taken leave of his senses. I do not know of any occasion when my hon. Friend—
The Chairman: Order. I hoped that my first intervention would do the trick, but this time I formally ask hon. Members to keep to the business.
Mr. Bradshaw: I shall happily draw the hon. Gentleman’s attention to the pile of cuttings on my desk about such criticisms. There is nothing more to add, except that I am delighted by the level of consensus in support of the motion.
Question put and agreed to.
That the Committee takes note of European Union Documents No. 5047/06 and Addenda 1 + 2, Commission Communication; Taking sustainable use of resources forward: A Thematic Strategy on the prevention and recycling of waste, and No. 5050/06, Draft Directive on waste: and agrees with the Government’s proposed negotiating position relating to the revision of the Waste Framework Directive.
Committee rose at eight minutes to Six o’clock.
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Prepared 6 December 2006