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13 Dec 2006 : Column 1132W—continued

13 Dec 2006 : Column 1133W

Communities and Local Government

Departmental Energy Consumption

Mr. Jenkins: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government whether she plans to make her Department carbon neutral. [105744]

Angela E. Smith: On 12 June 2007 my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister and my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced new sustainable operations targets for the Government Estate. The new targets include a commitment for a carbon neutral central Government office estate by 2012 and to reduce carbon emissions from offices by 30 per cent. by 2020.

Departmental Estate

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what payment her Department plans to make to the Cabinet Office for her Department’s use of the Ripley Building in (a) 2005-06, (b) 2006-07 and (c) 2007-08. [103840]

Angela E. Smith: Communities and Local Government occupied part of 26 Whitehall during the whole of the financial year 2005-06, and from 1 April 2006 until 31 October 2006. The payment made to the Cabinet Office for 2005-06 was £2,125,000 and for 2006-07 was £908,434. No payments are expected to be made for 2007-08, as Communities and Local Government is not making use of 26 Whitehall.

The £908,434 also reflects a reduction in the space occupied during the period 1 April to 31 October 2006.

Departmental Staff

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government how many full-time equivalent staff from her Department provide assistance to the Deputy Prime Minister's Office. [104214]

Angela E. Smith: I refer the hon. Lady to the answer given by my right hon. Friend the Deputy Prime Minister on 9 October 2006, Official Report, column 72W.

Green Belt

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government how many hectares of green belt land had green belt designation removed in each year since 1997-98. [103971]

Yvette Cooper: The total area of land designated as green belt in England for each year since 1997-98 for which data are available is presented in the following table.

Area (hectares)







DCLG Statistical Releases: Green Belt Statistics, England.

13 Dec 2006 : Column 1134W

Information on the number of hectares of green belt land that had green belt designation removed in each year since 1997-98 is not held centrally. This information can be obtained only at disproportionate cost.


Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what steps she is taking to encourage the development of more family homes rather than flats. [104086]

Yvette Cooper: Planning Policy Statement (PPS3) “Housing”, published on 29 November, places a new emphasis on family homes. For the first time the planning system will be required to consider the housing needs of children, including gardens, play areas and green spaces. Local planning authorities will have more ability to promote mixed communities and to ensure larger homes are being developed alongside flats and smaller homes.

Dr. Stoate: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government how many new housing developments in England were inspected by (a) local authority building control officers and (b) private sector approved inspectors in each of the last10 years. [105122]

Angela E. Smith: All new housing developments are subject to building control but, as a fully devolved service under the Building Act 1984, no central records are kept of building control inspections by either local authorities or approved inspectors. This avoids imposing undue information burdens on local authorities.

Dr. Stoate: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what methods her Department uses to monitor the quality of the building inspections carried out by (a) local authority building control officers and (b) private sector approved inspectors. [105123]

Angela E. Smith: As building control is a fully devolved service under the Building Act 1984, the Department for Communities and Local Government does not formally monitor the quality of building inspections. However, the Department has supported work by the building control industry to update the Building Control Performance Standards Handbook and the introduction of associated performance indicators, both launched in June 2006.

Dr. Pugh: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what assessment she has made of the extent to which the allocation of responsibility for electrical ducting and cabling between individual meter boards and substations in large blocks of flats is correctly understood by flat tenants, leaseholders and owners. [105536]

Yvette Cooper: No assessment has been made.

13 Dec 2006 : Column 1135W

Office for Disability Issues

Mr. Hunt: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government how many times the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Women and Equality has attended meetings of the Office for Disability Issues since its establishment. [108988]

Meg Munn: I attended two meetings of the ministerial group overseeing the Office for Disability Issues. Communities and Local Government Ministers, or their predecessors from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, have attended six of the eight meetings of this group held to date.


Mr. Francois: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what the capital value is of each private finance initiative scheme overseen by her Department which has reached
13 Dec 2006 : Column 1136W
financial close; and what the (a) cost and (b) period of repayment will be for each service. [103499]

Mr. Woolas: Details of the private finance initiative schemes overseen by the Department for Communities and Local Government are outlined on the following table. The unitary charge figures quoted are an estimate only and represent the projection of payments which are not just repayments for the capital value (sum of capital spend) of each project. Unitary Charge payments will frequently include; inflation, service provision, maintenance, capital repayments and lifecycle costs.

The contract length for the stated projects will vary from anything between 10 years and up to 30 years. The repayment term takes place within the term of each contract but this can vary from project to project as repayments are only made when projects become operational. Information on the period of repayments for each project is not held centrally and obtaining this information will incur disproportionate costs.

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13 Dec 2006 : Column 1142W
DCLG sector Commissioning body Project name Total capital value (£ million) Total estimated unitary charge (£ million) Details


NE Derbyshire district council

Holmwood Project



51 units of social rented housing (13x2 bed bungalows, 8x2 bed flats and 30x1 bed flats) new build

Derby council

Inner City Regeneration



Acquisition and renovation of 150 vacant (3 months minimum) and unfit (under S.604 Housing Act 1985) properties within a defined area of the inner city and let as social housing for rent.

Manchester city council

Manchester Domestic Energy Services



Provision of heating service to 420 flats in six multi-storey blocks. Two boiler houses and hot water heating system within the blocks of flats.

LB Islington

Street Properties 1



Refurbishment and modernisation of 1 ,900 dwellings in 1 ,000 Victorian Street Properties. Partners for Improvement.

Manchester city council

Ardwick HRA PFI



The provision of management and maintenance services to, and the carrying out of refurbishment of, the council's housing estate at Plymouth Grove, Stockport Road, Longsight, Manchester, together with the undertaking of associated development of new build homes, commercial and community facilities

Selby district council

Selby, Sherburn and Tadcaster PFI



To provide 200 units of social housing across the district. Preferred bidder is South Yorkshire Housing Association.

LB Hammersmith & Fulham

Future Services for Older People



This is a joined up housing and social services PFI project to provide a range of services for older people, also funded by DoH.

Reading borough council

North Whitley



Refurbishment and a degree of remodelling on an estate of mainly pre-war home

Warrington borough council

Anson and Blenheim Close



The project involves the redevelopment and regeneration of part of the Blackbrook Estate.

LB Newham

Canning Town



The scheme features a modernisation programme and facilities management for a mix of dwelling types.

Leeds city council

Leeds Swarcliffe



The scheme will encompass selective demolition and tenure diversification (not funded via PFI credits), as well as refurbishment and ongoing repair and maintenance of remaining council housing.

Coventry council

New Homes for Old PFI Scheme



Provision of two Specialist Dementia Residential units (total of 80 beds, including 10 respite beds) and three Housing with Care units (comprising 120 tenancies)—the contractor will provide all personal support and soft FM services

LB Camden

Chalcots Estate (Camden) PFI Project



The refurbishment and maintenance of certain dwellings and properties on the Chalcots Estate in the London borough of Camden for the Mayor and Burgesses of the London borough of Camden

LB Islington

Street Properties II



The management, catch-up repair and maintenance of 3,014 properties

Sandwell council

Hawthorn Fields



This scheme covers 1,600 units in two estates and involves the refurbishment of a mixture of dwelling types in an area of high social housing demand. The scheme includes a limited level of redevelopment through selective demolition and rebuild (not funded via PFI credits).

Fire PFI

Avon, Somerset and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Authorities

Fire Training Facility



DBFO of a fire service training facility for Somerset, Avon and Gloucestershire Fire Authorities. Being built on Smoke Lane!

Cornwall county council

Cornwall Fire Stations



Estates and facilities management of 31 operational fire stations in the county including rebuilding 10 stations and refurbishing 21 stations.

London Fire Authority

Vehicle and Equip



Vehicle and Equipment

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Fire Training Facility and Fire Station



New fire station and fire training centre

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Divisional HQ and 2 fire stations



Divisional headquarters and replacement fire stations at Hyndburn and Morecambe.

Greater Manchester County Fire Service

Stretford Divisional Headquarters and Fire Station



Stretford divisional headquarters and fire station

South Wales

PFI Training Centre for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service



Training Centre for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Tyne and Wear Fire and Civil Defence Authority

New HQ and community fire stations



Relocation of headquarters and other facilities, replacement of fire stations (including Fossway incorporating a community fire safety centre) and contract management of the estate.

DCLG Other

LB Lambeth

Depot services



Depot Services

LB Islington

Depot services



Depot Services

Norfolk county council

Salt barns



Salt Barns

LB Harrow

IT (Revenues & Benefits)



Revenue Benefits IT Scheme

Derby city council

IT (Revenues & Benefits)



Strategic IT

Kent county council

Strategic ICT



ICT Network

Norwich city council

Norwich Connect ICT



ICT Network

LB Croydon

Customer Focus ICT



Community broadband ICT network

Cambridgeshire county council

Community ICT Network



Provision of new fully serviced council offices including a “one-stop shop” at ground floor level. Part of major “Heart of the City” regeneration.

Sheffield city council

Office accommodation



“Technology & Learning Centre”. The project includes council offices on the upper three floors, together with a library and a museum and space for retail and gym facilities. It also includes a fully serviced IT contract

LB Hackney

Technology & Learning Centre



New council office

North Wiltshire district council

Office accommodation



Two new council offices, plus a business centre with 39 office units and 16 workshop units.

Redcar & Cleveland borough council

Office accommodation



New council office, shared with DWP.

Copeland borough council

Office accommodation



Provision and maintenance of a high quality new Civic Centre consisting of council accommodation, community facilities & car park

Trafford metropolitan borough council

Civic Centre office accommodation

Total = 10.142 DCLG = 6.942


Joint project with DCMS, DfES & ODPM-Housing. Project description: Community Learning Resources Centre

Bolton metropolitan borough council

Community Learning Resource Centre & Primary School



Relocation of council offices

Stoke-on-Trent city council

Bentilee District Joint Service Centre



First of 5 joint service centres being procured by Newcastle under the Newcastle & N Tyneside LIFT Co.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne city council

LIFT Joint Service Centre (Walker & Kenton)



Second of 5 joint service centres being procured by Newcastle under the Newcastle & N Tyneside LIFT Co.

Nottingham city council

LIFT Joint Service Centre (Clifton & Hyson Green)



First of 2 or 3 joint service centres being procured by Nottingham CC— third may or may not be LIFT.

LB Lambeth

LIFT Joint Service Centre



First of a network of joint service centres—progress on others dependent on land issues.

Brighton and Hove council

Schools PFI Project

Total = 25.267 DCLG = 0.467

DFES Lead Department

Schools PFI

Cheshire county council

Ellesmere Port Schools/ Community Facilities

Total = 17.20 DCLG = 1.10

DFES Lead Department

Joint project with DfES. Project description: Schools PFI with community library element (re: DCLG's interest)

Liverpool city council

Speke Learning Centre

Total = 20.40 DCLG = 9.60

DFES Lead Department

Joint project with DfES. Project description: Schools PFI with community facilities (re: DCLG's interest)

Sunderland city council

City Learning Centre

Total = 17.744 DCLG = 5.744

DFES Lead Department

Learning Centre based around Redeveloped School

LB Tower Hamlets

Mulberry Schools & Community Sports Facilities

Total = 19.30 DCLG = 1.90

DFES Lead Department

Lifelong Learning Centre

Essex county council

Clacton JSC

Total = 35.70 DCLG = 5.40

DFES Lead Department

Schools, Community and Sports Facilities

L B Barking and Dagenham

Joint Service Centre

Total = 39.760 DCLG = 4.760

DFES Lead Department

Joint Service Centre

Oldham metropolitan borough council

Library and lifelong learning centre

Total = 13.014 DCLG = 7.977

DCMS Lead Department

Expansion of existing schools project, linked to DfES extended school initiative

Shropshire county council

Community services

Total = 20.40 DCLG = 2.280

DoH Lead Department

Community Services

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