Contents for Tuesday 12 June 2007

Oral Answers to Questions [see index inside back page] [Col. 635]

Secretary of State for Scotland [Col. ]

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government [Col. ]

Freedom of Information (Amendment) (No. 2) [Col. 658]

Motion for leave to introduce Bill—[Tom Brake]—agreed to [Col. ]

Bill presented, and read the First time [Col. ]

Serious Crime Bill [Lords] [Col. 661]

Motion for Second Reading—[Mr. McNulty] [Col. ]

Read a Second time [Col. ]

Carbon Dioxide Reduction Target [Col. 721]

Debate on motion for Adjournment [Col. ]

Westminster Hall [Col. 189WH]

Packaging Manufacturing Industry [Col. 189WH]

Territorial Army [Col. 212WH]

Crown and Post Office Closures [Col. 237WH]

Legal Aid [Col. 246WH]

Deafened Service Veterans [Col. 255WH]

Debates on motion for Adjournment [Col. ]

Written Ministerial Statements [Col. 39WS]

Written Answers to Questions [see index inside back page] [Col. 899W]

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