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(a) the Motion in the name of Ms Harriet Harman relating to Standing Orders Etc. Machinery of Government Changes); and

(b) the Motion in the name of Mr Nicholas Brown relating to the Modernisation of the House

not later than two hours after the commencement of proceedings on the first Motion; such Questions shall include the Questions on any Amendments selected by the Speaker which may then be moved, proceedings may continue, though opposed after the moment of interruption and Standing Order No. 41A (Deferred divisions) shall not apply; and

24 July 2007 : Column 805


Inland Waterways

10.17 pm

Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): I have pleasure in presenting a petition on behalf of the constituents of Banbury and other users of Britain’s inland waterways. The petition, signed by well over 1,000 of my constituents, declares:

To lie upon the Table.

Derwent Valley

10.18 pm

Mr. David Anderson (Blaydon) (Lab): For the past three years, people in the north-east of England have faced yet another attempt by open-cast coal developers to exploit and rape the beautiful Derwent valley. Despite the opposition of the local authority and in defiance of the views of thousands of local people and a multitude of public and private bodies, the developers have gone to appeal. In that process, they have continually failed to disclose the appropriate information to all concerned, and persisted with a plan that has given the residents of the area grave cause for concern.

This petition, signed by more than 4,500 people, is a public declaration of their opposition to those plans, and I urge the Secretary of State to use all her powers to protect one of the last remaining green spaces in the Tyneside conurbation.

To lie upon the Table.

Inland Waterways

10.19 pm

Sir Peter Soulsby (Leicester, South) (Lab): I wish to present a petition with more than 600 signatures of constituents of Leicester, South and other users of Britain’s inland waterways. It expresses widespread concern about the future of those waterways—a concern that I share. I commend all involved in this campaign, particularly Mr. David Stevenson and, of course, the indefatigable Inland Waterways Association. The petitioners declare

To lie upon the Table.

Elvet Waterside

10.21 pm

Dr. Roberta Blackman-Woods (City of Durham) (Lab): This rather beautiful petition relates to the proposed development at Elvet waterside in Durham and expresses the opposition of local residents to the loss of green recreational space. Interestingly, it includes signatories from local schools whose children are very anxious that play facilities are retained. The land in question relates to green space east of the swimming bath car park’s wall, including the former bowling green on the old racecourse on the river bank in Durham city.

Mr. Jack Gill and 3,300 signatories are involved in the petition:

To lie upon the Table.

Prison Service (Staff Relocation)

10.22 pm

Mr. Philip Hollobone (Kettering) (Con): The proposed closure of Her Majesty’s Prison Service office at Crown house in Corby and the relocation of its staff to Leicester have caused much consternation, anger and anxiety among staff and local residents. It is, in my view, discriminatory against the largely female and white work force. I have the honour to present this petition, signed by 3,560 people:

To lie upon the Table.

24 July 2007 : Column 807

Pedestrian Crossing (Western Road)

10.23 pm

Andrew Rosindell (Romford) (Con): I rise to present a petition on behalf of my constituents in Romford, many of whom shop in the town centre. A number of constituents use the local Western road life skills centre and they need a pedestrian crossing—a safe way to cross the busy road to enable them to go to the town centre without fear of being run down. A petition has been collected signed by no fewer than 500 local people from Romford. The petition reads:

To lie upon the Table.

Post Office Closures

10.25 pm

Andrew Rosindell: I rise again to present a petition of no fewer than 800 signatures collected by users of the Rush Green post office in my constituency of Romford. Those constituents, along with many others, are deeply concerned at the possibility of the closure of the post office and others in my constituency, including the Station Road post office, the Crowlands post office, North Street post office, Gobions post office, Victoria Road post office and the Brentwood Road post office. They are also concerned at the Government’s policy to end support for the Post Office card account and hope that that policy will be reversed and that the service will be saved.

The petitioners have submitted the petition to me, which

To lie upon the Table.

24 July 2007 : Column 808

Inland Waterways

10.27 pm

David Taylor (North-West Leicestershire) (Lab/Co-op): The canals have long been a major player in regenerating local economies, restoring environments and sustaining the quality of community life, and nowhere more so than in north-west Leicestershire, where many are alarmed at the cuts in the British Waterways budget and their potential impact. I am very happy therefore to present this petition after a beautiful day in London, which stands in stark contrast to the wet miserable day in Leicester, with the rain slatting down on 4 March, when I helped to launch it with my neighbour, my hon. Friend the Member for Leicester, South (Sir Peter Soulsby).

The petition signatories include David Stevenson, who has worked astonishingly hard with others to compile it, Janet Stevenson of 6 Heathfield, Thringstone Leicestershire LE67 8LU, and myself as the local Member of Parliament and a regular user of the facilities of the Ashby canal in my constituency.

The petition reads:

To lie upon the Table.

Telephone Masts

10.28 pm

Bob Spink (Castle Point) (Con): A constituent of mine has compiled a petition against the erection of a new 40 ft high telephone mast with three antennae near homes and businesses. She wrote to me that local people feel strongly that 02 should cite the mast elsewhere and that she has used every ounce of her strength and determination to get the results she has achieved, with the interests of her precious only child and of her community at heart. She is a real star in working for her community, and I need do no more than urge local councillors to listen to her and ensure that the mast is sited in a more appropriate place.

The petition states:

To lie upon the Table.

Baby Changing Units

10.30 pm

Bob Spink: I hope that I am not considered greedy in presenting two petitions, like my hon. Friend the Member for Romford (Andrew Rosindell), but each of my constituents is, as is each of his, worth any two from other constituencies.

Baby changing units was a new matter to me when this petition came before me, but on investigation I found that it raises serious and valid issues for my constituency. There is even a child safety issue, which I do not have time to go into tonight.

Each council must deliver statutory services, and additional facilities such as public conveniences and facilities for children and mothers. That is especially the case in respect of councils such as Castle Point which charges one of the highest council taxes in the country. Next to the Canvey Knightswick centre toilets, there is a room currently used for storing cleaning equipment that could be converted to a baby changing room, so making that small but important improvement would not be rocket science, and I hope that councillors will act on the petition.

The petition states:

To lie upon the Table.

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