Mr Lindsay Hoyle


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

30 October 2007
Future Large Aircraft
Olympic Games: Greater London
Sports: Chorley
29 October 2007

Ex-servicemen: Health Services
Local Strategic Partnerships
Postal Services: Industrial Disputes
Radio: Grants
Transport Links
25 October 2007

Sand: Lancashire
24 October 2007

Carbon Emissions: Standards
Student Numbers
23 October 2007

Burma: Politics and Government
Sudan: Peacekeeping Operations
22 October 2007

Members: Honours
Sudan: Politics and Government
19 October 2007

Dental Services: Chorley
Hospices: Finance
Lancashire Constabulary: Manpower
Pensions: Chorley
17 October 2007

Bus Services: Concessions
Middle East: Peace Negotiations
16 October 2007

Chorley and South Ribble Hospital
Sports: Community Development
26 July 2007

Domestic Wastes: Environmental Health
17 July 2007

Armed Forces: Nijmegen Marches
11 July 2007

Railway Stations: Chorley
9 July 2007

Census: Carers
28 June 2007

Home Education
27 June 2007

Home Education
VAT: Exemptions
25 June 2007

Human Tissue Authority
Human Tissue Authority
19 June 2007

Bus Services: Concessions
13 June 2007

Crisis Loans
12 June 2007

Antisocial Behaviour Orders: Lancashire
Prescriptions: Fees and Charges
11 June 2007

Sports: Rural Areas
6 June 2007

Illegal Immigrants: Crime
24 May 2007

Welfare Tax Credits: Appeals
23 May 2007

Babies: Lancashire
22 May 2007

Home Education
Home Education: Standards
Milk: Prices
Sports: Chorley
21 May 2007

Armed Forces: Chorley
Beef: Prices
Cancer: Drugs
Gibraltar Regiment: Pay
Sugar Beet
Territorial Army: Chorley
18 May 2007

Armed Forces: Chorley
17 May 2007

Colorectal Cancer: Drugs
16 May 2007

Agriculture: Subsidies
15 May 2007

Childline: Lancashire
Electoral Register: Chorley
14 May 2007

Local Government: Equal Pay
10 May 2007

Schools: Eating Disorders
9 May 2007

Doctors: Ministerial Policy Advisors
School Meals: Poultry
8 May 2007

Royal Lancashire Society: Finance
27 April 2007

Teachers: Qualifications
20 April 2007

Midwives: Lancashire
Television: Licensing
17 April 2007

Local Government Finance: Chorley
Olympic Games: Greater London
16 April 2007

Air Pollution: Government Departments
Avian Influenza: North West Region
Biofuels: North West Region
Higher Education
Illegal Immigrants: Prostitution
Royal Ordnance Factories: Chorley
Shoplifting: Lancashire
29 March 2007

Heart Diseases: Exhaust Emissions
28 March 2007

Crimes against the Person: Lancashire
Education: Lancashire
General Certificate of Secondary Education: Lancashire
Offensive Weapons: Greater London
Schools: Admissions
Truancy: Lancashire
26 March 2007

Fire Services
Fire Services: Bullying
Fire Services: Violence
23 March 2007

Nitrous Oxide: Health Hazards
22 March 2007

Alcoholic Drinks: Lancashire
21 March 2007

Clostridium: Lancashire
Electoral Register: Chorley
Nitrous Oxide
Obesity: Lancashire
Planning Obligations: Lancashire
20 March 2007

Drugs: Lancashire
Health Services: Lancashire
Theft: Lancashire
19 March 2007

Diesel Fuel: Agriculture
Eating Disorders
Farms: Lancashire
Pre-School Education: Standards
Travel: Business
14 March 2007

Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control
Hospitals: Lancashire
Housing: Flood Control
Learning Disability
Pregnant Women: Lancashire
Travelling People: Lancashire
13 March 2007

Alcoholic Drinks: Crime
Art: Lancashire
Crimes of Violence: Hospitals
Culture: Lancashire
Jobseeker's Allowance: Chorley
Museums and Galleries: Lancashire
Post Office: Rural Areas
Stamp Duties: Lancashire
Theatre: Lancashire
Tolls: Lancashire
12 March 2007

Bail: Lancashire
Bankruptcy: Lancashire
Dolphins: Imports
Housing: Lancashire
Meat: Origin Marking
Olympic Games: Greater London
Police: Hospitals
Poverty: Lancashire
Pupil Exclusions
Racial Violence: Lancashire
Royal Lancashire Society
Television: Violence
Tourism: Lancashire
9 March 2007

Animal Welfare: Lancashire
Childbirth: Lancashire
Electoral Register
Graduates: Lancashire
Homelessness: Lancashire
Learning Disability: Per Capita Costs
Road Traffic: Lancashire
Suicide: Children
Television Licences: Students
Young People: Homelessness
8 March 2007

Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse
Army: Pay
Dairy Farmers
Faith Schools
Higher Education: Lancashire
Learning Disability: Prisoners
Local Authorities: Members
Lone Parents: Employment
MRSA: Lancashire
Nitrous Oxide: Death
Offenders: Learning Disability
Parents: Learning Disability
Petrol: Lancashire
Police: Lancashire
Teachers: Qualifications
Teenage Pregnancy: Lancashire
7 March 2007

Class Sizes: Co-education
Domestic Violence: Lancashire
Energy: Lancashire
Japan: Dolphins
Social Security Benefits: Fraud
6 March 2007

Capture, Assess, Treat and Support Services
Dispersal Orders: Lancashire
Poultry Meat
Schools: Eating Disorders
Schools: Lancashire
Speed Limits: Lancashire
Young People: Crime
Youth Work: Lancashire
5 March 2007

Crime: Lancashire
Railways: Terrorism
Repossession Orders: Lancashire
2 March 2007

Post Offices: Chorley and Penrith
1 March 2007

Bus Services: Concessions
28 February 2007

Farmers: Income
Security: Civil Service Agencies
27 February 2007

Avian Influenza: Disease Control
British Overseas Territories: Powers
Prisoners: Learning Disability
26 February 2007

Burma: Politics and Government
Mental Health
23 February 2007

Farmers: Bankruptcy
22 February 2007

Dental Services: Children
Falkland Islands
National Lottery: Chorley
Refreshment Department
21 February 2007

Falklands Islands
Lorries: Excise Duties
Prisons: North West Region
Skin Cancer
20 February 2007

Agriculture: Chorley
Agriculture: Subsidies
Children: Day Care
Dairy Farming
Dairy Products: Exports
Hospitals: Parking
19 February 2007

British Overseas Territories
British Overseas Territories: Official Cars
British Virgin Islands
Bus Services: Chorley
Bus Services: Chorley and Coventry
Catering Services: House of Commons
Chorley Borough Council
Divorced Couples
Homicide: Young Offenders
Housing Market
Housing: Chorley
Life Expectancy
Local Authorities: Disabled
Local Government Finance: Chorley
Railway Network: Climate Change
Roads: Chorley
Roads: Lancashire
Roads: Snow and Ice
Sexual Offences: Sentencing
Workless Households
12 and 16 February 2007

Avian Influenza
Deportation: Court Orders
Health Services
Homicide: Young People
Identity Fraud
Mobile Phones: Drivers
National Lottery
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Poultry: Disease Control
Unauthorised Absences
8 February 2007

Casinos: Construction
CATS Service
Railways: Summer Heat
Rape Convictions
School Transport: Lancashire
7 February 2007

Antisocial Behaviour: Chorley
Royal Gibraltar Regiment
Schools: Standards
Service Families: Support Arrangements
Tax Credits
6 February 2007

Transport Crime
5 February 2007

Education Funding: Chorley
Medical Regiments
Overseas Accommodation
Roads: Summer Heat
2 February 2007

Official Cars
1 February 2007

Community Support Officers
31 January 2007

30 January 2007

Disabled Children: Respite Care
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
29 January 2007

Capture, Access, Treat and Support Service
Early Retirement
Housing: Lancashire
Sporting Village: Chorley
Teaching Assistants: Lancashire
26 January 2007

Health Services: Lancashire
25 January 2007

Chorley Air Cadet Centre
24 January 2007

Child Care
Environment Agency and English Nature Expenditure
Pension Credit
Unemployment Statistics
23 January 2007

Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust
Community Support Officers
Pharmaceutical Industry
Special Educational Needs
22 January 2007

Antisocial Behaviour: Chorley
Armed Forces: Recruitment
Births and Deaths
Capture, Assess, Treat and Support Service
Fire and Rescue Service
Independent Treatment Centre: Preston
Magistrates Courts
Official Cars
Start-up Businesses
19 January 2007

Education Supervision Orders
Out-patient Treatment
School Building
UK Troops: Rest Periods
17 January 2007

Medical Research
16 January 2007

11 January 2007

Labour Camps: China
8 January 2007

20 December 2006 and 5 January 2007

Chorley Territorial Army Centre
GP Referrals
Independent Treatment Centres
19 December 2006

Waiting Times
11 December 2006

6 December 2006

Official Cars
23 November 2006