David Lammy


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

30 October 2007
Departments: Recruitment
Departments: Retirement
Departments: Tribunals
Education: Elderly
UfI: Finance
Vocational Education
25 October 2007

Departments: Publicity
24 October 2007

Apprenticeships: Sandwell
Departments: Accountancy
Departments: Broadcasting Programmes
Departments: Disabled
Departments: Manpower
Departments: Marketing
Departments: Training
Education: Prisons
Get On Campaign
Vocational Training: Females
8 October 2007

Adult Careers Service
Departments: Information Officers
Departments: Official Visits
Departments: Private Finance Initiative
Departments: Visits Abroad
Vocational Training: Ethnic Group
Vocational Training: Females
1 October 2007

Departments: Flowers
Departments: Manpower
Departments: Press
17 September 2007

Departmental Responsibilities
Departments: Information Officers
Departments: Marketing
Departments: Postal Services
Departments: Publicity
Further Education: Leeds
12 September 2007

Vocational Training: Leeds
3 September 2007

Adult Learning Grant
Assessments: Prisoners
Departments: Early Retirement
Departments: Flint Bishop
Departments: Legislation
Departments: Manpower
Departments: Private Finance Initiative
Departments: Recruitment
Departments: Redundancy Pay
Departments: Taxis
Departments: Training
Departments: Travel
Training: Finance
Vocational Training
26 July 2007

Adult Education
Apprentices: Cumbria
Young People: Training
25 July 2007

Employment: Training
Industrial Training
24 July 2007

Adult Education: Learning Disability
Apprentices: East Sussex
Apprentices: Gravesham
Apprentices: York
19 July 2007

Departments: Ministerial Red Boxes
Skilled Workers: Construction
Unemployment: Young People
17 July 2007

Departments: Compensation
Departments: Ethnic Groups
Departments: Legislation
Departments: Racial Harassment
12 July 2007

Education: Prisoners
11 July 2007

Apprentices: Per Capita Costs
Departments: Ex-servicemen
Departments: Prisons
Departments: Public Transport
English Language: Education
Literacy: Prisoners
10 July 2007

Education Maintenance Allowance: Stockton South
Learning Disability: Prisoners
5 July 2007

Apprentices: Females
4 July 2007

Further Education
29 June 2007

Broadcasting Programmes: Scots Gaelic Language
Departments: Sick Leave
28 June 2007

Arts: Finance
Licensing: Fees and Charges
25 June 2007

Arts: West Bromwich
Culture: Anniversaries
Departments: Aviation
Departments: Credit Cards
Departments: Energy
Departments: Foreign Relations
Departments: Home Working
Departments: Marketing
Departments: Northern Ireland
Departments: Older Workers
Departments: Public Participation
Departments: Reviews
Departments: Surveys
Departments: Travel Agents
International Council on Monuments and Sites
International Council on Monuments and Sites: Finance
Museums and Galleries: Visitor Numbers
Slavery: Anniversaries
20 June 2007

Slavery: Anniversaries
19 June 2007

Departments: Manpower
Departments: Remploy
Nicholas Goodison
World Heritage Sites
18 June 2007

Arts Council
Departments: Pay
15 June 2007

Cultural Heritage: Ownership
Departments: Advertising
Departments: Sick Leave
VAT: Monuments
14 June 2007

Departments: Buildings
Departments: Manpower
Departments: Property
European Capital of Culture: Liverpool
13 June 2007

Departments: Official Cars
Listed Buildings: Smoking
Musicians: Finance
Public Libraries: Closures
12 June 2007

Departments: Carbon Emissions
Departments: Public Relations
Departments: Sign Language
11 June 2007

Anniversaries: Prince Charles
Art Works
Arts Council
Arts: Charitable Donations
Departments: Official Residences
Departments: Property
Departments: Publications
Theatre: Disabled
4 June 2007

Departments: Ministerial Policy Advisors
Departments: Non-Departmental Public Bodies
22 May 2007

Culture: Liverpool
Departments: Consultants
21 May 2007

Cultural Heritage: Climate Change
Cultural Heritage: Planning
Cultural Heritage: Protection
Cultural Heritage: Seas and Oceans
Departments: Sovereign Strategy
Valuable Books and Manuscripts
18 May 2007

Departments: Grants
Departments: Private Finance Initiative
17 May 2007

Arts: Finance
Culture and Creativity Advisory Forum
Olympic Games: Greater London
16 May 2007

Cultural Heritage
Departments: Manpower
Queen Elizabeth II: Anniversaries
14 May 2007

Churches Conservation Trust
Olympic Games: Greater London
Sight Impaired
10 May 2007

World Heritage Sites
8 May 2007

Departments: Information Technology
Departments: Internet
Departments: Pressure Groups
Departments: Sick Leave
Museums and Galleries: Finance
Opera: Finance
3 May 2007

Departments: Energy
Departments: Marketing
Departments: Renewable Energy
Departments: Sexual Harassment
2 May 2007

Departments: Disciplinary Proceedings
Equality: Grants
Gambling: Licensing
Internet: Regulation
1 May 2007

Culture: Havering
Works of Art: Valuation
30 April 2007

Arts Council of England
Cultural Heritage: Essex
Departments: Intimidation
Departments: Paper
Olympic Games: Greater London
Public Libraries: Kent
26 April 2007

Departments: Oral Questions
Energy: Conservation
Museums and Galleries: Theatre
23 April 2007

Departments: Hospitality
Horserace Totalisator Board
Museums and Galleries: Government Assistance
Olympic Games: Greater London
Parks Fund
19 April 2007

Departments: Official Hospitality
17 April 2007

Bible: Anniversaries
16 April 2007

Culture: Huddersfield
Departments: Freedom of Information
European Union: Citizenship
Licensed Premises: East Sussex
Museum Collections
Radio Frequencies: Licensing
Tourism: Smoking
29 March 2007

Public Libraries
28 March 2007

Departments: Advertising
Departments: Paper
27 March 2007

Cultural Heritage: Conferences
Museums and Galleries: Gloucester
26 March 2007

Departments: Postal Services
Departments: Recruitment
23 March 2007

Cultural Heritage: Conservation
Departments: Trade Unions
22 March 2007

Public Libraries: Standards
21 March 2007

Museums and Galleries
20 March 2007

Monuments: Agriculture
19 March 2007

Conservation Officers: Training
Departments: Advertising
Visual Arts: Sales
Works of Art: Valuation
15 March 2007

Cultural Heritage: Protection
English Heritage: Finance
Historic Buildings: Official Visits
Osborne House
14 March 2007

Olympic Games: Greater London
13 March 2007

Art: Lancashire
Culture: Lancashire
Departments: Work Permits
Gaming Clubs
Gaming Clubs: Licensing
Lotteries: Licensing
Museums and Galleries: Lancashire
Public Buildings: Lighting
Theatre: Lancashire
12 March 2007

British Library
Princess of Wales: Monuments
Regeneration: Finance
8 March 2007

Departments: St. George's Day
Heritage Protection [Statement]
7 March 2007

Culture: Local Government
6 March 2007

Cultural Heritage: Antarctic
Departments: Appeals
Departments: Energy
World Heritage Sites
World Heritage Sites: Albania
5 March 2007

Urban Regeneration
2 March 2007

Australia: New Zealand
Cultural Heritage: Cotswolds
Departments: Secondment
Public Libraries: Internet
1 March 2007

Departments: Databases
28 February 2007

Departments: Consultants
Departments: Redundancy
Supreme Court: Middlesex Guildhall
27 February 2007

Departments: Assets
26 February 2007

Art Deco Buildings
Departments: Freedom of Information
English Heritage
Institute for Public Policy Research
Smith Institute
Trooping the Colour: Flags
22 February 2007

Departments: Internet
Departments: Pendle
Departments: Retirement
Departments: Theft
Non-departmental Public Bodies
20 February 2007

Departments: Complaints
Departments: Race Equality Duty
19 February 2007

Departments: Equal Opportunities
Departments: Gender Equality
Departments: Official Cars
Departments: Pay
Entertainments: Tickets
12 and 16 February 2007

Departmental Fixed Assets
Departments: Furniture
Local Authorities: Standards
8 February 2007

BBC: Finance
British Antarctic Survey: Finance
Golf: Royal Parks
6 February 2007

Act of Union
Culture Online
Departmental Contracts
Departmental Expenditure
National Lottery
5 February 2007

Cultural Heritage: Grants
Culture: Regeneration
Executive Agencies
2 February 2007

Cultural Olympiad
1 February 2007

Committees: Ministerial Attendance
Cultural Heritage: European Union
Heritage Lottery Fund
31 January 2007

Departmental Offices
Leisure Activities: Stroud
Trooping the Colour
29 January 2007

British Food
Creative Partnerships: Schools
Historic Buildings
Union Flag
West Jesmond
26 January 2007

Departmental Expenditure
Departmental Fixed Assets
Open Source Software
25 January 2007

Carbon Emissions
Lottery Funding
24 January 2007

Historic Churches
Recruitment Agencies
23 January 2007

Church Music
Government Art Collection
Quality of Life: Coventry
22 January 2007

Government Auctions
Highland 2007
Mental Health
19 January 2007

Departmental Studies
Legal Advice
Performing Arts
West Jesmond School
18 January 2007

European Year of Equal Opportunities
Ibsley Control Tower
Translation Services
17 January 2007

Coastal Towns
Community Facilities: London
16 January 2007

Heritage White Paper
Royal Mail
Trooping the Colour
Union Flag
15 January 2007

National Heritage Memorial Fund
Public Sector Pensions
11 January 2007

Maps Theft
10 January 2007

Trade Union Funding
8 January 2007

Archaeological and Historic Sites
Departmental Finance
Historical Sites
Public Appointments: Political Activities
Remembrance Sunday
20 December 2006 and 5 January 2007

Departmental Training and Equipment
18 December 2006

Annual Report
Art Galleries
Arts Projects
British Films
British Museum
Cultural Leadership Fund
Culture Online
Culture West Midlands
Departmental Equipment
Departmental Survey
Historic Ships
Kenneth Budd Mural, Kettering
Land Sales
Leak Inquiries
Public Service Broadcasting
Rural Areas
South Bank Centre
Staff Bonuses
Think Tank
Woburn Place
14 December 2006

Licensed Bed and Breakfast
Licensing Act 2003
Licensing Laws
Sponsored Bodies
TV Licences
13 December 2006

Digital Switchover
Digital Television
Ministerial Visits
Olympic Games
12 December 2006

Art Exhibitions
Gershon Review
Public Opinion Research
11 December 2006

Buxton Memorial Fountain
Departmental Energy Policy
Departmental Studies
IT Projects
Local Government
Official Cars
Retirement Age
7 December 2006

Procurement Projects
Public Appointments
Voluntary Organisations
Written Questions
6 December 2006

Government Indemnity Scheme [Statement]
5 December 2006

Expenditure: Brunswick
Publicly Owned Art
4 December 2006

Art Exports
Art Provenance
Art Theft
Arts and Sport Expenditure
Renaissance in the Regions
Sevso Treasure
Temporary Export Bars
30 November 2006

London Olympics
Private Finance Initiatives
Special Advisers
29 November 2006

Departmental Expenditure
Lottery Funding
28 November 2006

2012 Olympics
Cultural Observatories
Government Art Collection
Renewable Energy
27 November 2006

Arts Council
Departmental Staff
Departmental Statistics
Listed Buildings
Theatre Finance
23 November 2006

Construction Industry
Freephone Numbers
Ministerial Travel
National Rate Telephone Lines
22 November 2006

Bonus Payments
Executive Partnership Programme
Local Theatres (Huddersfield)
21 November 2006

Decibel Penguin Prize
Gender Equality
Library Services (Visually Impaired People)
Parliamentary Questions
20 November 2006