Rt Hon Dawn Primarolo


Spoken material by date

Includes all oral questions, debate and Westminster Hall contributions from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

10 October 2007
Mobile Phone Masts [Westminster Hall]
9 October 2007

Health Inequalities [Westminster Hall]
24 July 2007

In-vitro Fertilisation
Scalding Injuries
4 July 2007

Hospital Services (Sussex) [Westminster Hall]
Yardley Green Hospital Site [Westminster Hall]
20 June 2007

Revenue and Customs Offices (Cornwall) [Westminster Hall]
23 April 2007

Finance Bill
22 March 2007

Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation
20 March 2007

HMRC Offices (Chesterfield) [Westminster Hall]
6 March 2007

State Benefits and Taxation Rules [Westminster Hall]
1 March 2007

Tax Credits
25 January 2007

Tax Credits
7 December 2006

Charity Sales (VAT)
29 November 2006

HM Revenue and Customs (Wales) [Westminster Hall]