Harry Cohen


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

29 October 2007
European Central Bank
Warships: Brunei
25 October 2007

Armed Forces: Weapons
Infant Foods: EU Action
Streptococcus: Pregnant Women
24 October 2007

David Manning: Gifts
22 October 2007

Blackwater USA
19 October 2007

Streptococcus: Pregnant Women
17 October 2007

Defence Systems and Equipment International Exhibition
Employment: Mentally Ill
Health Services: Education
Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations
Parents: Disadvantaged
Taxation: International Civil Servant Status
Venture Capital
16 October 2007

Building Schools for the Future Programme: Greater London
Burma: Arms Control
David Manning: Gifts
Health Services: Ethnic Groups
USA: Drugs
Youth Offending Teams: Finance
15 October 2007

David Manning: Gifts
First Solution Money Transfer
Inland Waterways: Pollution
Iraq: International Assistance
10 October 2007

Armed Conflict: Terrorism
Iraq: Weapons
Police: Fraud
9 October 2007

Emergencies: Facilities
Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations
Secure Psychiatric Units
South East Asia: Overseas Aid
Supermarkets: Ethics
Young People: Expenditure
8 October 2007

Children: Maintenance
Drugs: Internet
Drugs: Offences
Equality: EC Action
Hard-to-Help Families
Iraq: Elections
Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations
Night Clubs: Body Searches
Oil: Prices
Personal Records: USA
Resettlement: Iraq
Social Fund
Water Supply: Security
17 September 2007

Council Tax Benefits: Low Incomes
Departments: Departmental Records
New Deal Schemes: Standards
Pensioners: Council Tax Benefits
10 September 2007

Debts: Business
Departments: Assets
Palestinians: Entry Clearances
Renewable Energy: Government Assistance
Supermarkets: Ethics
3 September 2007

Acid Rain
Analgesics: Childbirth
Armed Forces: Doctors
Arms Trade
Bangladesh: Politicians
Buckingham Palace: Repairs and Maintenance
Nuclear Weapons
26 July 2007

Armed Forces: Human Rights
HIV Infection: Pregnancy
Tax Allowances: Repairs and Maintenance
Taxation: Gambling
25 July 2007

London Underground: Repairs and Maintenance
Metronet: Finance
Thames Gateway
Vehicle Data Recording Devices
16 July 2007

Departments: Departmental Records
10 July 2007

Huntercombe Young Offender Institution
Inland Waterways: Pollution
9 July 2007

Iraq: Peace Keeping Operations
Sight Impaired: Low Incomes
Witnesses: Children
5 July 2007

Prison Service: Prison Officers' Association
4 July 2007

Education: Disadvantaged
HIV Infection: Medical Treatments
Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations
3 July 2007

Secure Training Centres: Restraint Techniques
Smoking: Television
UN Drugs Organisations
2 July 2007

Asylum: Applications
Commonwealth: International Conferences
Employers' Contributions
21 June 2007

Homicide: Females
Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations
4 June 2007

Hospitals: Infectious Diseases
Social Rented Housing
24 May 2007

Iraq: Trade Unions
21 May 2007

Mental Health Services: Prisons
18 May 2007

Armed Forces: Prosecutions
16 May 2007

Exports: Defence
Iraq: Peace Keeping Operations
15 May 2007

Iraq: Administration of Justice
Pakistan: Peace Negotiations
Prisoners: Self-mutilation
Zimbabwe: New Partnership for Africa's Development
14 May 2007

Community Policing
Uganda: Democratic Republic of Congo
10 May 2007

Prisoners: Females
8 May 2007

Prisoners: Females
2 May 2007

Peace Keeping Operations: Iraq
1 May 2007

Iraq: Asylum
Iraq: Casualties
30 April 2007

Colombia: Asylum
27 April 2007

Home Energy Efficiency Scheme
26 April 2007

Tax Allowances
25 April 2007

Iraq: Casualties
24 April 2007

Equal Opportunities: EC Countries
Hospices: Finance
23 April 2007

Frigates: Romania
20 April 2007

Chlorine: Security
Iraq: Peace Keeping Operations
19 April 2007

Councillors: Conflict of Interests
Educational Psychology
Theatre: Finance
17 April 2007

Natural Gas: Greater London
Primary Care Trusts
Public Transport: Overcrowding
16 April 2007

Deportation: Equatorial Guinea
Financial Services: Regulation
Local Authority Land Sales
Police: Advisory Groups
Public Transport: Greater London
29 March 2007

Waste Disposal
28 March 2007

Maternal Health Progress Report
Taha Yassin Ramadan
27 March 2007

Immigration: Appeals
Public Transport: Greater London
26 March 2007

Legal Aid
21 March 2007

Greenbelt: M25
13 March 2007

Uganda: Human Rights
12 March 2007

Armed Forces: Pensions
8 March 2007

New Deal
6 March 2007

Iraq: Constitutions
5 March 2007

Antisocial Behaviour: Motor Vehicles
2 March 2007

Health Services: Thames Gateway
28 February 2007

Asylum: Appeals
Iran: EC Action
Iraq: Overseas Aid
Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
27 February 2007

Sport: Ethnic Groups
26 February 2007

Police Custody: Human Rights
19 February 2007

Afghanistan and Iraq: Human Rights
Iraq: Peace Keeping Operations
Schools: Closures
8 February 2007

Algeria: Deportation
5 February 2007

1 February 2007

31 January 2007

Disabled Children's Benefits
25 January 2007

Whipps Cross Hospital
23 January 2007

Trans Fats
22 January 2007

Energy Supplies
Poverty and Social Exclusion
Wood Industry
19 January 2007

Army Prosecutions
18 January 2007

United States: Secret Prisons
16 January 2007

15 January 2007

China and Pakistan
WMD Review
9 January 2007

Work Permits and Visas
20 December 2006 and 5 January 2007

NHS Finance
NHS Trusts
18 December 2006

National Lottery
11 December 2006

King George's Hospital, Redbridge
Waltham Forest Primary Care Trust
6 December 2006

Hospital Running Costs
5 December 2006

2012 Olympics
NHS Jobs
Social Security Advisory Committee
Terrorist Briefings
4 December 2006

Incapacity Benefit
Local Government Finance
School Staff (Redbridge)
30 November 2006

Baker Commission
Sleep Apnoea
Student Finance/Loans
Tax Credits
Whipps Cross Hospital
29 November 2006

Criminal Records Bureau
Orphan Assets
28 November 2006

National Skills Academy
27 November 2006

Adapted Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty
Cluster Bombs
Middle East
23 November 2006

Sierra Leone