Mr Jim Cunningham


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

30 October 2007
Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse
Carbon Emissions
Crime: Hospitals
Crime: West Midlands
Digital Broadcasting: West Midlands
Drugs: Misuse
Health Services: Elderly
Mental Health Services: Voluntary Organisations
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus: Hospitals
Offensive Weapons: Coventry
Packaging: Recycling
Strokes: Health Services
29 October 2007

Bicycles: Accidents
Burma: Human Rights
Energy: Conservation
Equal Pay
Extracurricular Activities
Housing: Carbon Monoxide
Police: Racial Discrimination
Pupils: Walking
Zimbabwe: Human Rights
Zimbabwe: Sanitary Protection
25 October 2007

Armed Forces: Racial Discrimination
Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
European Union: Publicity
24 October 2007

Postgraduate Education: Finance
23 October 2007

Public Transport: West Midlands
Republic of Congo: Overseas Aid
Roads: Safety Measures
Tenancy Deposit Scheme
19 October 2007

Homelessness: Floods
17 October 2007

Developing Countries: Health Services
Developing Countries: Natural Disasters
Palestinians: Overseas Aid
16 October 2007

Consumers: Protection
Housing: Low Incomes
15 October 2007

Sleeping Rough
10 September 2007

Domestic Appliances: Standards
Information Technology
3 September 2007

Driving Offences: Insurance
Driving Under Influence: Young People
Extradition: Russia
26 July 2007

Driving Offences: Insurance
Driving: Age
Manufacturing Industries: Balance of Trade
Recycling: Coventry
Roads: Accidents
Roads: Safety
25 July 2007

Developing Countries: Tourism
Military Aircraft: Helicopters
Railway Stations: Coventry
24 July 2007

Buildings: Energy
NHS Finance: Coventry
23 July 2007

Domestic Wastes: Recycling
Overseas Aid
Unsolicited Goods and Services: Telephone Services
Wind Power
19 July 2007

Afghanistan: Politics and Government
Agriculture: Education
EU External Relations: Entry Clearances
18 July 2007

Water Supply
17 July 2007

Arms Control
Coroners: Armed Forces
16 July 2007

Armed Forces: Deployment
Columbia: Politics and Government
Electronic Warfare
Indonesia: Terrorism
Venezuala: Oil
12 July 2007

Somalia: Overseas Aid
Thailand: Overseas Aid
Tsunamis: Early Warning Systems
11 July 2007

Alternatives to Prison
Armed Forces: Recruitment
Military Bases: Europe
Prison Service: Manpower
10 July 2007

Chechnya: Human Rights
Turkey: Iraq
9 July 2007

Chechnya: Politics and Government
Sweden: NATO
Terrorism: Russia
Train to Gain Programme
3 July 2007

Afghanistan: Drugs
India: Education
Palestinians: Transport
Saudi Arabia: Human Rights
29 June 2007

Cuba: Politics and Government
28 June 2007

International Assistance
Palestinians: Overseas Aid
27 June 2007

Business: Government Assistance
Cancer: Research
Community Health Services: Coventry
Health Services: Prisons
26 June 2007

Afghanistan: Politics and Government
Palestinians: EC Aid
Palestinians: Lebanon
Palestinians: Politics and Government
25 June 2007

Railways: Tickets
Regional Development Agencies: Trade Unions
Research: Closures
Train Operating Companies: Subsidies
Training: Coventry
21 June 2007

Egypt: Human Rights
Middle East: Peace Negotiations
Offensive Weapons: Convictions
Warehouse Parties
20 June 2007

China: Human Rights
Crime: Mentally Ill
19 June 2007

Carbon Sequestration: Research
Departments: Recruitment
Energy: Conservation
Energy: Manufacturing Industries
18 June 2007

Basic Skills
Pupils: Per Capita Costs
Working Hours
15 June 2007

Cancer: Medical Treatments
Planning Permission
14 June 2007

Middle East: Peace Negotiations
Zimbabwe: Politics and Government
13 June 2007

Africa: Housing
Developing Countries: Community Development
International Assistance: Environment Protection
Pakistan: Rural Areas
12 June 2007

Sri Lanka: Overseas Aid
Winter Fuel Payments
11 June 2007

Knife Crime
Radioactive Wastes: Waste Management
Wind Power: Coastal Areas
7 June 2007

Manufacturing: West Midlands
6 June 2007

Fair Trade Initiative
Police: Technology
5 June 2007

Fair Trade Initiative
Higher Education: Finance
4 June 2007

Carer's Allowance
Developing Countries: Environment Protection
NHS: Management
Post Offices: Closures
24 May 2007

Teenage Boys: Literacy
23 May 2007

Palestinians: Economic Situation
Palestinians: Politics and Government
22 May 2007

Crime: Business
Employment: Older Workers
Mediterranean Region: International Cooperation
Mental Health
Pakistan: Politics and Government
21 May 2007

Theft: Mobile Phones
Vocational Guidance: Young People
18 May 2007

NHS: Constitutions
17 May 2007

Africa: Life Expectancy
Developing Countries: HIV Infection
Home Education
Middle East: Economic Situation
NHS: Crimes of Violence
Overseas Aid
Young People: Carers
15 May 2007

British Transport Police
Democratic Republic of Congo
Iraq: Police
14 May 2007

Nuclear Fuels: Storage
10 May 2007

Biofuels: Garages and Petrol Stations
Closed Circuit Television
Fuels: Carbon
Millennium Development Goals
Part-time Employment: Females
9 May 2007

8 May 2007

Police: Public Appointments
Sri Lanka: Politics and Government
3 May 2007

Local Government Finance: Noise
Pupils: Uniforms
2 May 2007

Armed Forces: Gibraltar
1 May 2007

Africa: Overseas Aid
Railways: Smoking
Smoking: Public Places
30 April 2007

Climate Change
Plastics: Packaging
26 April 2007

Coventry Teaching Primary Care Trust
Health Services: Mothers
25 April 2007

Dental Services
Dental Services: Finance
24 April 2007

Iraq: Politics and Government
23 April 2007

Taxation: Foreigners
17 April 2007

Walking: Pupils
16 April 2007

Gaza: Sewers
Housing: Low Incomes
Postal Services: Regulation
Public Bodies: Reorganisation
Schools: Clothing
Sri Lanka: Politics and Government
State Retirement Pensions
29 March 2007

Customs Officers: Manpower
Low Incomes: Housing
Tickets: Touting
28 March 2007

Adoption: Catholic Church
Education: Information and Communications Technology
Low Carbon Buildings Programme
Passports: Applications
27 March 2007

Passports: Personation
26 March 2007

Army: Manpower
Egypt: Politics and Government
Kidney Diseases
22 March 2007

Africa: Overseas Aid
19 March 2007

Energy: West Midlands
15 March 2007

Energy: Housing
14 March 2007

Education Maintenance Allowance: West Midlands
General Practitioners: Finance
Primary Care Trusts
13 March 2007

Older Workers
State Retirement Pensions
12 March 2007

Astute Class Submarines
Atomic Weapons Establishment
Bailiffs: Licensing
Football: Tickets
Slimming: Drugs
Sports: Obesity
Submarines: Repairs and Maintenance
8 March 2007

Chewing Gum: Waste Disposal
Young People: Coventry
7 March 2007

Beacon Council: West Midlands
Culture: Local Government
Firearms: Crime
Health Professions: Crimes of Violence
Local Government: Standards
6 March 2007

Assaults on Police
Children: Health
5 March 2007

Iraq: Air space
1 March 2007

Local Government Executive
VAT: Channel Islands
28 February 2007

China: Air Pollution
China: Human Rights
New Deal Schemes: Females
Political Asylum
27 February 2007

Means-tested Benefits: Council Housing
State Retirement Pensions: Carers
26 February 2007

Housing: West Midlands
Iraq: Poverty
Operating Theatres
21 February 2007

Departments: Coventry
20 February 2007

Bus Services: Concessions
Curriculum: History
Life Expectancy
Retail Trade: Energy
19 February 2007

Bus Services: Chorley and Coventry
CAB Offices
Guantanamo Bay
Housing: Fuel Poverty
Manufacturing: West Midlands
12 and 16 February 2007

Blood: Screening
Further Education: Coventry
8 February 2007

Cellular Phones: Recycling
Decent Homes Scheme
Flexible Working
Football: Sportsgrounds
Graduates: Coventry
School Meals: Coventry
7 February 2007

Housing: Elderly
Schools: Coventry
6 February 2007

Departmental Targets
Further Education: Mature Students
Procurement: Manufacturing Industries
5 February 2007

Culture: Regeneration
Film: West Midlands
2 February 2007

Bus Services: West Midlands
Ministerial Visits
1 February 2007

Air Quality
Driving: Mobile Phones
Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties
Travel: Sustainable Development
31 January 2007

Railways: West Midlands
Transport: Schools
30 January 2007

Elite Sports
Nuclear Power Stations
26 January 2007

Housing: Elderly
25 January 2007

Carbon Offsetting
Personal Injury Claims
24 January 2007

Child Care
Democratic Republic of Congo
Police Officers and Community Support Officers
23 January 2007

Local Energy Generation Schemes
Quality of Life: Coventry
State Pension: Women
22 January 2007

Healthy Start Scheme
National School Fruit Scheme
19 January 2007

Teaching Staff: Coventry
18 January 2007

Healthy Diet
Job Share Registers
17 January 2007

Digital Switchover
Olympic Games
16 January 2007

Antisocial Behaviour
Cold-related Deaths
Employee Share Ownership
Energy Prices
Fuel Poverty
15 January 2007

Landlords: Antisocial Behaviour
11 January 2007

Nursery Schools: Coventry
10 January 2007

School Absences: Coventry
8 January 2007

Learning and Skills Council
19 December 2006

London Olympics
Travel Concession Scheme
18 December 2006

Congestion Charging
National Sports Foundation
School Sport
14 December 2006

International Finance Facility for Immunisation
Poverty Statistics: Pensioners and Children
13 December 2006

British Waterways
Tsunami Victims
12 December 2006

Council Tax: Coventry
Middle East
11 December 2006

Guantanamo Bay
Operational Bonus
6 December 2006

4 December 2006

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act
29 November 2006

Child Support Agency
Cold Weather Payments
Equality and Diversity
Walsgrave Hospital
27 November 2006

Class Sizes
Maintained Schools
New Schools
Teachers' Pay and Conditions