Maria, Eagle


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

30 October 2007
Children: Protection
Departments: Assets
Departments: Disabled
Departments: Ministerial Red Boxes
Departments: Policy
Departments: Public Expenditure
Departments: Retirement
Prison Service: Corruption
Prisons: Standards
Sexual Offences
Sexual Offences: Eastern Region
Sexual Offences: Monitoring
29 October 2007

Burglary: Self-defence
Community Justice Initiatives [Statement]
Departments: Cost Effectiveness
Departments: Internet
Departments: Legislation
Departments: Manpower
Departments: Official Hospitality
Human Trafficking
Licensing Act 1964
Pre-trial Proceedings
Sexual Offences
25 October 2007

Courts: Pay
Legal Aid
24 October 2007

Criminal Defence Service: First Assist Insurance
Driving Offences: Peterborough
Legal Services Commission: First Assist Insurance
Prison Population
Prison Service: Corruption
23 October 2007

Courts: Interpreters
Departments: Accountancy
22 October 2007

Departments: Road Traffic Offences
Departments: Secondment
Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements [Statement]
17 October 2007

Alcoholic Drinks: Young People
Approved Premises: Reoffenders
Departments: Assets
Legal Aid
Legal Aid: Blackpool
Legal Aid: Fees and Charges
16 October 2007

Public Defender Service
15 October 2007

Courts: Translation Services
Departments: Accountancy
Driving Offences: Prosecutions
11 October 2007

Driving Offences
Driving Offences: Mobile Phones
Driving Offences: Speed Limits
Driving: Licences
Fixed Penalties: Cycling
Vehicle Number Plates
10 October 2007

Arrests: Foreigners
Driving Offences: Insurance
8 October 2007

Courts: Greater London
Courts: Salisbury
Courts: Video Equipment
Departments: Departmental Coordination
Departments: Legislation
Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Act 2004
Electronic Tagging: Life Imprisonment
Fines: Compensation
Human Trafficking
Legal Aid
Prison Service: Pay
Prison Service: Public Appointments
Prisoners Release: Reoffenders
Prisoners: Transport
Prisons: Visits
Supreme Court
17 September 2007

Departments: Delivery Services
Drugs: Misuse
Magistrates Courts: ICT
Mobile Phones: Driving Offences
Prison Service: Public Appointments
12 September 2007

Criminal Cases Review Commission [Statement]
26 July 2007

Departments: Air Conditioning
Departments: Consultants
Departments: Employment Agencies
Departments: Flint Bishop Solicitors
Departments: Legislation
Departments: Visits Abroad
Driving Offences: Fines
National Offender Management Service: Manpower
Prison Service: Uniforms
25 July 2007

Courts: Nottingham
Dangerous Driving
Lancaster Farms Young Offender Institution: Civil Disorder
Pornography: Children
Prisoners Transfers
Prisoners: Mentally Ill
Young Offenders: Video Games
24 July 2007

Antisocial Behaviour: Poole
Driving Offences: Measurement
Driving Under Influence: Sentencing
Fixed Penalties: Yorkshire and Humberside
Police Cautions
Young Offenders: Restraint Techniques
23 July 2007

Care Proceedings: Legal Aid Scheme
Departments: Crime
Departments: Early Retirement
Legal Aid Scheme: Children
Legal Aid Scheme: Expert Evidence
Prison Service: Corruption
Public Defender Service: Liverpool
Public Defender Service: Pilot Schemes
Public Defender Service: Standards
Theft: Bicycles
19 July 2007

Departments: Ministerial Red Boxes
Departments: Private Finance Initiative
Departments: Wales
Family Courts: Counselling
Juries: Mentally Ill
Legal Aid: Mediation
Legal Aid: Reform
Prison Service: Resignations
Prisoners' Transfers
Prisoners: Death
Prisons: Crimes of Violence
Public Defenders: Liverpool
Public Defenders: Pilot Schemes
Young Offender Institutions: Death
18 July 2007

Magistrates Courts: Cheshire
Victims of Crime and Witnesses: Support
17 July 2007

Departments: Public Transport
Family Courts: Fees and Charges
Offenders: Deportation
Prisoners: Ambulance Services
16 July 2007

Bombings: Compensation
Committal Proceedings
Departments: Official Visits
Departments: Publicity
Departments: Racial Harassment
Drugs: Ribble Valley
Fines: Children
Terrorism: Greater London
Victim Support Schemes: Fines
11 July 2007

Driving Offences: Prosecutions
Young Offenders: Sentencing
9 July 2007

Legal Aid Scheme: Wales
Magistrates Courts
5 July 2007

Departments: Common Purpose
Legal Aid Scheme: Wales
4 July 2007

Departments: Pay
27 June 2007

Community-based Sentencing
26 June 2007

Rape: Sentencing
25 June 2007

Juvenile Justice Centre
Sexual Offences
21 June 2007

Driving Offences: Convictions
Juvenile Justice Centre
20 June 2007

Electoral Register
Juvenile Justice Centre
19 June 2007

18 June 2007

Alcoholic Drinks: Young People
Immigrants: Crime
13 June 2007

Electoral Register
12 June 2007

Youth Justice Agency [Statement]
4 June 2007

Sexual Offences
23 May 2007

Criminal Justice System
Driving Under Influence: Convictions
Forensic Science
Political Parties: Finance
14 May 2007

Compensation: Applications
3 May 2007

St Patrick's Day: Belfast
2 May 2007

Arts: Grants
Schools: Crimes of Violence
1 May 2007

Drumaghlis School: Crossgar School
Faith Schools
Irish Language: Pupils
Primary Education
Special Educational Needs
30 April 2007

Further Education: Internet
Olympic Games: Greater London
Schools: Playing Fields
Sure Start Programme
26 April 2007

Further Education: Internet
25 April 2007

Construction Industry Training Board [Statement]
Northern Ireland Authority for Energy Regulation: Public Appointments
Public Libraries: Bangor
24 April 2007

Football: World Cup
Further Education: Student Wastage
Higher Education: Pay
Olympic Games: Greater London
Physical Education
Physical Education: Teachers
Public Libraries: Bangor
Special Educational Needs
Specialist Schools
20 April 2007

Further Education: Student Wastage
19 April 2007

Portadown School
Theatre: Finance
17 April 2007

Community Relations
Employment: Young People
Equal Pay
South Eastern Education and Library Board: Public Appointments
Ulster Scots Language: Education
16 April 2007

Arts: Finance
Creative Youth Partnerships Programme
Educational Psychology
Irish Language
New Businesses
North South Implementation Bodies
Orchestras: Finance
Pupils: Intimidation
South Eastern Education and Library Board
Special Educational Needs
Translation Services
29 March 2007

Energy Policy Progress Review
Invest Northern Ireland
Tunes Plateau Wind Farm
28 March 2007

English Language
Schools: Fires
Teachers: Pensions
26 March 2007

Universities: Northern Ireland
21 March 2007

Higher Education
20 March 2007

Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland
Towerview School, Bangor
14 March 2007

Bain Review
English Language
Pupils: Per Capita Costs
Pupils: Racial Harassment
Schools: Arson
Schools: Fire Prevention
13 March 2007

Irish Language Legislation [Statement]
8 March 2007

Belfast Festival
6 March 2007

Blind and Partially Sighted Pupils
Primary Education
5 March 2007

Clifton Special School
Pupils: Absenteeism
Schools: Crimes of Violence
South Eastern Education and Library Board
Special Educational Needs
1 March 2007

Extended Schools: Rural Areas
27 February 2007

Credit Cards: Marketing
Pupil Exclusions: Violence
26 February 2007

Olympic Games: Greater London
23 February 2007

Educational Psychology
Employment: Private Sector
Foreign Investment in UK
22 February 2007

Ethnic Minority Achievement Service
19 February 2007

Energy: Northern Ireland
Garages and Petrol Stations: Northern Ireland
Invest Northern Ireland: Limavady
Invest Northern Ireland: Londonderry
Irish Language
North Down and Ards Institute of Further and Higher Education
8 February 2007

Secondary Education
7 February 2007

Pupils: Intimidation
5 February 2007

31 January 2007

Arts Funding
29 January 2007

Children's Commissioner
Medical Academics
22 January 2007

Further and Higher Education
16 January 2007

Belfast Festival
Careers Guidance Diploma
EU Programmes
15 January 2007

Education Boards
Educational Psychology
Northern Ireland Children's Commissioner
11 January 2007

10 January 2007

School Activities
Skills Base
19 December 2006

Further Education Budget
Language Legislation
School Building
Transport Services
13 December 2006

Irish Language Legislation [Statement]
12 December 2006

Outreach Support
7 December 2006

Cross-community Commemoration
Youth Unemployment
6 December 2006

30 November 2006

Business Growth Plans
Industrial Development Board
29 November 2006

INVEST Northern Ireland
River Bann
Scottish Undergraduates
28 November 2006

Helm Report
Invest Northern Ireland
School Transport
Schools (Suspensions/Expulsions)
27 November 2006

Children/Young People Strategy
Dromore Central Primary School
Olympics (2012)
Renewable Energy
Wind Farms
23 November 2006

Careers Guidance
22 November 2006

Departmental Press/Public Relations
Education Funding
International Baccalaureate
New Teachers (Employment)
Northern Ireland Economy
21 November 2006

Academically Gifted Children
Bain Report
Education and Skills Authority
Further Education
Head Teachers
School Pupils
Teacher Training