Mr Mike Hancock


Spoken material by date

Includes all oral questions, debate and Westminster Hall contributions from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

26 July 2007
Summer Adjournment
11 July 2007

EU Constitutional Treaty [Westminster Hall]
Flood Prevention and Defence [Westminster Hall]
Motor Insurance Database [Westminster Hall]
Poppy Crops (Afghanistan) [Westminster Hall]
21 June 2007

Shipman Inquiry [Westminster Hall]
22 May 2007

Dairy Industry [Westminster Hall]
UK Constitution [Westminster Hall]
17 May 2007

Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill
9 May 2007

Committee of Ministers and Council of Europe [Westminster Hall]
26 April 2007

Defence in the UK
20 March 2007

London's Economy [Westminster Hall]
26 February 2007

Royal Navy
19 February 2007

Human Rights
8 February 2007

World Class Skills 2020 [Westminster Hall]
1 February 2007

Defence in the World
31 January 2007

Local Government Finance
15 January 2007

Trafficking of Women
6 December 2006

British Waterways [Westminster Hall]
Employment Contracts (Security) [Westminster Hall]
5 December 2006

Portsmouth Naval Base [Westminster Hall]