Vera Baird


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

30 October 2007
Alexander Litvinenko
Criminal Proceedings: Foreign Relations
Forensic Science: Standards
Racially Aggravated Offences
Taxation: Defaulters
29 October 2007

Antisocial Behaviour: Young People
Departments: Written Questions
Human Trafficking
25 October 2007

Inside Justice Week
Street Prostitutes
8 October 2007

Crown Prosecution Service: Information Officers
10 September 2007

Crown Prosecution Service: Hertfordshire
Mr. Robert Adewumni
26 July 2007

Governance of Britain (Role of the Attorney-General) [Statement]
25 July 2007

Price Fixing: Drugs
Scott Review [Statement]
24 July 2007

Departments: Legislation
Legal Costs
Public Sector: Misconduct
19 July 2007

BAE Systems Inquiry
Human Trafficking
Transnational Bribery
17 July 2007

Departments: Consultants
Departments: Legislation
Police Cautions
10 July 2007

Departments: Older Workers
9 July 2007

Departments: Ministerial Responsibility
28 June 2007

Data Protection: Enforcement
Lawyers: Wales
26 June 2007

Barristers: Legal Aid Scheme
Departments: Pay
25 June 2007

Data Protection: Prosecutions
Data Protection: Prosecutions
Departments: Marketing
Departments: Marketing
Departments: Northern Ireland
Departments: Northern Ireland
Departments: Public Relations
Departments: Public Relations
Family Law: Legal Aid Scheme
Family Law: Legal Aid Scheme
Freedom of Information Act [Statement]
Legal Aid
Legal Aid
Legal Aid reform [Statement]
Legal Aid Scheme: Wales
Legal Aid Scheme: Wales
Supreme Court
Supreme Court
21 June 2007

Public Guardian Board [Statement]
Repossession Orders: Eastbourne
20 June 2007

European Court of Human Rights: Legal Costs
Freedom of Information Act 2000 [Statement]
Housing: Prices
Members: Correspondence
Regional Government: Freedom of Information
19 June 2007

Children's Panel Solicitors
Departments: Consultants
Orders and Regulations
15 June 2007

Human Rights
Legal Aid
Legal Aid: Interpreters
Members: Correspondence
14 June 2007

Solicitors: North East Region
13 June 2007

Departments: Carbon Emissions
Departments: Signs
Freedom of Information
Freedom of Information: Regional Government
Information Commissioner: Appeals
Legal Aid Scheme
Legal Aid Scheme: Kent
National School of Government: Freedom of Information
Personal Injury
Powers of Attorney
Valuation Office Agency: Land Registry
12 June 2007

Courts: Small Claims
eConveyancing Programme
11 June 2007

Expert Evidence: Expenditure
6 June 2007

Family Conciliation Services: Hampshire
Legal Aid: Greater London
5 June 2007

Departments: Data Protection
24 May 2007

Departments: Epilepsy
Legal Aid: Ethnic Groups
Young Offenders: Education
22 May 2007

Supreme Court: Buildings
21 May 2007

Departments: Costs
17 May 2007

Direct Mail: Prosecutions
16 May 2007

Departments: Enodian
Departments: Sovereign Strategy
15 May 2007

Abu Hamza
Administration of Justice: Females
Departments: Marketing
Freedom of Information
Legal Aid
14 May 2007

Departments: Internet
Freedom of Information
Tribunals: Incapacity Benefit
10 May 2007

Freedom of Information
8 May 2007

Departmental Reorganisation
Departments: Disciplinary Proceedings
Departments: ICT
Departments: India
Departments: Oral Questions
Departments: Publications
Departments: Renewable Energy
Departments: Sexual Harassment
Departments: Sick Leave
Ministry of Justice: Manpower
Ministry of Justice: Scotland Office
Supreme Court: Buildings
3 May 2007

Law on Damages [Statement]
30 April 2007

Members: Correspondence
Mental Capacity Act 2005 (Fees for Court of Protection and the Office of the Public Guardian) [Statement]
Ministry of Justice: Manpower
Opinion Leader Research
25 April 2007

Departments: Official Hospitality
Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal
24 April 2007

Care Homes: Human Rights
Legal Aid
23 April 2007

Mental Capacity Act 2005 (Code of Practice) [Statement]
20 April 2007

Personal Injury Claims [Statement]
19 April 2007

Bailiffs: Certification
Census: Freedom of Information
Employment Tribunals Service
Freedom of Information
Legal Aid Scheme
Pro Bono Cases (Cost Recovery) [Statement]
17 April 2007

Mental Capacity Act [Statement]
16 April 2007

Civil Court Fees [Statement]
Legal Aid
Legal Aid: Northamptonshire
Legal Aid: Wales
Legal Aid: Wellingborough
29 March 2007

Departments: Paper
Departments: Public Appointments
Freedom of Information Act/Data Protection Regulations [Statement]
28 March 2007

Council Tax: Personal Records
Her Majesty's Land Registry [Statement]
Land Registry: Digital Technology
Legal Services Commission
27 March 2007

Members: Correspondence
26 March 2007

Gender Recognition Act 2004
National Archives
23 March 2007

21 March 2007

Data Protection: Costs
Departments: Postal Services
Legal Opinion
Small Claims: Personal Injury
19 March 2007

Departments: Work Permits
Incapacity Benefit: Appeals
8 March 2007

Committees: Ministerial Attendance
Smith Institute
7 March 2007

Departments: Energy
6 March 2007

Department: Equal Opportunities
Departments: Databases
Legal Aid: Greater London
Legal Aid: Reform
Public Records: Disclosure of Information
5 March 2007

Departments: Redundancy
1 March 2007

Civil and Family Legal Aid Reform [Statement]
28 February 2007

Departments: Appeals
Disclosure of Information: Local Authorities
Legal Aid Scheme
Legal Services Commission: Retirement
Local Authorities: Fees and Charges
27 February 2007

Legal Aid: Applications
Legal Representation: Fees and Charges
Magistrates Courts: Legal Aid
Negligence: NHS
Parliamentary Questions: Freedom of Information
Public Bodies: Staff
22 February 2007

Departments: Official Cars
Departments: Pendle
Freedom of Information
Mental Capacity Act 2005 (Code of Practice) [Statement]
21 February 2007

Legal Aid: Expenditure
20 February 2007

Criminal Legal Aid Reform [Statement]
19 February 2007

Abu Hamza
Butler Report
Departments: Freedom of Information
Departments: Pay
EU Fundamental Rights Agency
Information Asset Register
Legal Services Commission: Expenditure
Property: Valuation
8 February 2007

Data Protection
Freedom of Information Requests
Freedom of Information: Proof of Identity
Land Registry (Electronic Conveyancing) [Statement]
Legal Aid: Contracts
Legal Services Commission: Pay
7 February 2007

Public Defender Service
6 February 2007

Departmental Contracts
Freedom of Information: Bassetlaw District Council
Legal Aid: Custody
Local Authorities: High Court
Magistrates Courts
Mental Capacity Act 2005 (Court of Protection) [Statement]
5 February 2007

Court of Appeal
Courts: Nottingham
Cross-departmental Databases
Freedom of Information: Fees and charges
Legal Aid: MMR
Public Records Act
2 February 2007

Legal Aid
MMR Vaccine: Legal Aid
1 February 2007

Departmental Expenditure
31 January 2007

Carbon Emissions
Data Protection
Departmental Offices
Exeter Small Claims Mediation Scheme
Freedom of Information Requests
Local Land Charge Fees (England) [Statement]
Public Sector Information Regulations
30 January 2007

Libra IT Project
29 January 2007

Fundamental Rights Agency
26 January 2007

Departmental Conferences
25 January 2007

Departmental Expenditure
Personal Injury Claims
24 January 2007

Executive Agencies
Non-departmental Public Bodies
23 January 2007

Freedom of Information
Libra Project
Special Educational Needs
22 January 2007

Mental Health
Special Educational Need and Disability Tribunal
18 January 2007

Litigants in Person
17 January 2007

Legal Aid
Parliamentary Questions
16 January 2007

Child Care Proceedings
Civil Cases Budget
Compensation Payments
Translation Services
15 January 2007

Departmental Publications: Translation
Employment Law
FOI Fees
Mental Health Guidance
Public Defender Service
Public Records
11 January 2007

1921 Census
FOI Requests
9 January 2007

Legal Service: Northampton
Limitation of Actions Bill [Statement]
8 January 2007

Government Publications
MMR and MR: Litigation Costs
Public Liability Insurance
Public Opinion Research
19 December 2006

Access to Justice: East Cheshire
Computer Security
Public Bodies: Staff
Renewable Energy
13 December 2006

1911 Census Records [Statement]
Gershon Review
12 December 2006

European Contract Law
11 December 2006

Departmental Website
5 December 2006

Data Protection
4 December 2006

Public Appointments
30 November 2006

Consultancy Contracts
Incapacity Benefit
Medical Assessments
29 November 2006

Departmental Expenditure
Dispersal Orders
Litigants in Person
Parliamentary Questions
28 November 2006

Departmental Staff
Departmental Statistics
Legal Aid Procurement (Government Response) [Statement]
MMR/MR (Litigation Costs)
27 November 2006

Community Legal Service
Criminal Injuries Compensation Panel
Information Commissioner
22 November 2006

Freedom of Information
IT Contracts
Regional Government
21 November 2006

Carter Review
Legal Aid