Hugh Bayley


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

9 October 2007
Crime: Yorkshire
Overseas Trade: Yorkshire and Humberside
Unemployment Benefits: Elderly
8 October 2007

EU Internal Trade: Yorkshire and Humberside
1 October 2007

CCTV: York
Education Maintenance Allowance: York
Energy: Yorkshire and Humberside
17 September 2007

Child Benefit: Yorkshire and Humberside
Civil Servants: York
Energy: Conservation
New Deal Schemes: York
Pensions: York
Schools: Capital Investment
Unemployment Benefits: York
Vacancies: York
12 September 2007

Exports: Yorkshire and Humberside
Foreign Investment: Yorkshire and Humberside
10 September 2007

Asylum: Iraq
Child Trust Fund: Yorkshire and Humberside
York NHS Trust: Waiting Lists
3 September 2007

Agriculture: Subsidies
Departments: York
Higher Education: Finance
Housing: Prices
Police: North Yorkshire
Teachers: Training
Teachers: Yorkshire and Humberside
Tourism: Yorkshire and Humberside
York College: Finance
26 July 2007

Class Sizes: York
Employment: Yorkshire and Humberside
Eyesight: Testing
Flood Control
Flood Control: Yorkshire and Humberside
Health Professions: York Hospitals NHS Trust
NHS Treatment Centres: York
Pensioners: Income
Recycling: York
Recycling: Yorkshire and Humberside
Schools: York
Sports: Yorkshire and Humberside
Sure Start Programme: York
Teachers: Pay
Unemployment Benefits: Expenditure
Unemployment: York
Winter Fuel Payments: Yorkshire and Humberside
York Hospitals NHS Trust
25 July 2007

Armed Forces: Manpower
Business: York
Dental Services: York
Drugs: Crime
Museums and Galleries: Yorkshire and Humberside
Organic Farming: Yorkshire and Humberside
Small Businesses: York
Unemployment: York
24 July 2007

Accidents: Yorkshire and Humberside
Apprentices: York
Asylum: York
Bus Services
Council Housing: Waiting Lists
Crime: North Yorkshire
Dental Services
Employment: York
Environment Protection: York City Council
Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Yorkshire and Humberside
Motor Vehicles: York
Pensions: York
Personal Income: York
Rights of Way: Yorkshire and Humberside
Social Security Benefits: York
Sports: Yorkshire and Humberside
Transport: York
23 July 2007

Departments: Buildings
Welfare Tax Credits: York
19 July 2007

Transnational Bribery
10 July 2007

Affordable Housing
2 July 2007

Police: Yorkshire and Humberside
27 June 2007

Local Government
13 June 2007

Nigeria: Elections
23 May 2007

York Capio Centre
14 May 2007

Dental Services
9 May 2007

Hospitals: York
24 April 2007

York Capio Centre
22 March 2007

Returning to Work
27 February 2007

Asylum: Iraq
Job Numbers: York
5 February 2007

Iraq: Refugees
30 January 2007

25 January 2007

Local Transport
York Capio Centre
22 January 2007

NHS Dentistry
North Yorkshire Funding
18 January 2007

East Coast Mainline
York: Science City
15 January 2007

20 December 2006 and 5 January 2007

Primary Care Trust Expenditure
18 December 2006

Local Government: Staff
14 December 2006

Civil Service
Civil Service Staff
Post Offices
11 December 2006

Economic Statistics: City of York
Nursery Places: York
Pension Credit
York Hospitals NHS Trust
7 December 2006

City of York Council
Sex Offenders Register
6 December 2006

5 December 2006

16 to 19-year-olds: York
Apprenticeships: York
Economic Statistics
Job Numbers: York
NHS Dentistry
York Local Education Authority Staff
York Schools
4 December 2006

Council Tax
York Students
30 November 2006

Economic Statistics (City of York)
28 November 2006

Crime and Disorder Partnerships
23 November 2006