Mrs Iris Robinson


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

27 June 2007
Alcoholic Drinks: Young People
Speed Limits: Cameras
25 June 2007

Speed Limits: Fines
21 June 2007

Driving Offences: Convictions
Roads: Accidents
Speed Limits: Cameras
20 June 2007

Crimes Against Property
18 June 2007

Alcoholic Drinks: Young People
Immigrants: Crime
15 June 2007

14 May 2007

Iraq: Peace Keeping Operations
27 April 2007

Iraq: Peace Keeping Operations
26 April 2007

Down District Council: Recruitment
Iraq: Peace Keeping Operations
16 April 2007

Arts: Finance
Doctors: Pay
Doctors: Training
Health and Social Services Authority
Iraq: Peace Keeping Operations
Macular Degeneration
National Institute for Health and Clinical Guidance
Orchestras: Finance
Prescriptions: Fees and Charges
Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children: Surgery
Social Services: Sexual Offences
Social Services: Sperrin Lakeland Health and Social Care Trust
South Eastern Education and Library Board
Stillbirths: Miscarriage
Tomography: Waiting Lists
Victims: Finance
Voluntary Organisations: Health Services
Water Treatment: Ballyhalbert
14 March 2007

Autism Legislation
13 March 2007

Alternative Medicine
12 March 2007

Colorectal Cancer: Screening
Junior Doctors: Working Hours
Knockbracken Health Care Park: Mental Health Services
Macular Degeneration
NHS: Negligence
23 February 2007

Educational Psychology
21 February 2007

Blood Transfusions
20 February 2007

Coroners: Post-mortems
Mental Health Services
19 February 2007

Air Pollution: Northern Ireland
NHS: Laboratories
12 and 16 February 2007

Deportation: Northern Ireland
Passports: Northern Ireland
6 February 2007

Hearing Impaired: Health Services
2 February 2007

Bus Services: Comber
Neonatal Care
31 January 2007

Bus Services: Comber
Neonatal Care
19 January 2007

18 January 2007

Air Navigation Order
17 January 2007

Old Vehicle Events
15 January 2007

Education Boards
Elderly People: Falls
11 January 2007

Saintfield Bypass
19 December 2006

2005 Code of Practice on Consultation
4 December 2006

Blindness/Visual Impairment
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Health Trusts (Meals)
28 November 2006

Audiology Services
Bowel Screening
Cancer Treatment
General Practioner Services
Genito-urinary Medicine
George Bruce Kelso
Health Care (Self-management)
Helm Report
Knockbracken Health Care Park
School Transport
Tarlov Cyst
27 November 2006

Children/Young People Strategy
RPA Central Joint Forum
22 November 2006

NHS Psychologists