Mr Robert Syms


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Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

15 October 2007
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1 October 2007

Schools: Poole
12 September 2007

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3 September 2007

Bovine Tuberculosis
Departments: IT
Flood Control: South West Region
Home Information Packs
26 July 2007

Flood Control: South West Region
25 July 2007

Agriculture: Subsidies
Bovine Tuberculosis: South West Region
Carbon Emissions
Emergency Services
Fire Services
Tourism: Poole
Unemployment: Poole
24 July 2007

Antisocial Behaviour: Poole
Apprentices: East Sussex
Asylum: Poole
Civil Servants: Poole
Olympic Games: Greater London
Railways: Poole
23 July 2007

Culture: Poole
English Heritage
Floods: Rescue Services
Foster Care: Poole
Prisoners: Dorset
19 July 2007

Railways: Offensive Weapons