Joan Ruddock


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

30 October 2007
Domestic Wastes: Recycling
Fly Tipping
Fly Tipping: Databases
Overseas Aid: Environment Protection
Packaging: Recycling
Recycling: Standards
Waste Management: Fees and Charges
29 October 2007

Domestic Wastes: Waste Disposal
Fly Tipping
Waste Disposal
Waste Management: Surveillance
25 October 2007

Climate Change Bill
Wetlands: Conservation
24 October 2007

Nature Conservation
Sites of Special Scientific Interest: Tree Felling
23 October 2007

Animal Products: Biofuels
Animal Products: Waste Disposal
Domestic Wastes: Waste Disposal
Plastics: Recycling
Turtles: Conservation
Wildlife: Trade
22 October 2007

Domestic Wastes: Waste Disposal
Fly-tipping: Travelling People
Nature Conservation: Scotland
Trees: Diseases
Wastes: Renewable Energy
19 October 2007

Domestic Wastes: Broxbourne
Fly Tipping: Domestic Wastes
15 October 2007

Hares: Conservation
11 October 2007

Paper: Waste Disposal
10 October 2007

Birds: Malta
Floods: Landfill Tax
Landfill: Recycling
Packaging: Recycling
Plastics: Recycling
8 October 2007

Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board [Statement]
Carbon Emissions: Televisions
Deer: Forests
Domestic Wastes
Domestic Wastes: Recycling
Hazardous Substances: Waste Disposal
Landfill: Hazardous Substances
Recycling: Directories
Recycling: Packaging
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew: Information Officers
Waste Management
1 October 2007

Energy: Yorkshire and Humberside
17 September 2007

Fly Tipping
Lorries: Exhaust Emissions
10 September 2007

Flowers: Conservation
Fly Tipping
Nature Conservation: Severn Estuary
Weeds Act 1959
Wild Boar
Wood: Procurement
3 September 2007

Agriculture: Wastes
Common Land: Devon
Landfill: Expenditure
Recycling: Schools
26 July 2007

Conservation: Paper
Domestic Wastes: Environmental Health
Forestry: Finance
Industrial Wastes
Nature Conservation: Squirrels
Pest Control: Squirrels
Radio: Waste Disposal
Recycling: Coventry
Recycling: Government Departments
Recycling: Greater London
Recycling: Standards
Recycling: Toner Cartridges
Recycling: York
Recycling: Yorkshire and Humberside
Refrigerators: Energy
25 July 2007

Air Conditioning: Energy
Carbon Emissions
Landfill [Statement]
Nature Conservation: EC Action
Nature Reserves: Gloucestershire
24 July 2007

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Yorkshire and Humberside
Wood: Recycling
23 July 2007

Domestic Wastes: Recycling
Heating: Carbon Emissions
19 July 2007

Packaging Waste
18 July 2007

Energy: Radio
17 July 2007

Departments: Lighting
Tree Felling
16 July 2007

Recycling: Small Businesses
Waste Management
12 July 2007

Animal Welfare: Trapping
Domestic Wastes: Exports
Forests: Small Businesses
Leopards: Conservation
Packaging: Recycling
Packaging: Wastes
11 July 2007

Wood: Imports
Wood: Procurement
10 July 2007

Forests: Conservation
Wood: Procurement
9 July 2007

Biodiversity: Cooperation
Ivory: Trade
Lighting: Waste Disposal
Waste Disposal
Waste Disposal: Domestic Wastes
Wildlife: Trade
Wood: Procurement
3 July 2007

Domestic Wastes: Waste Management
25 June 2007

Community Relations
20 June 2007

Somalia: Overseas Aid
14 June 2007

Somalia: Overseas Aid
13 June 2007

Somalia: Human Rights
Somalia: Peace Keeping Operations
Somalia: Politics and Government
3 May 2007

26 April 2007

9 March 2007

Departments: Discrimination
Nuclear Weapons
8 March 2007

Iraq: United Nations
6 March 2007

Department: Equal Opportunities
Gender: Equal Opportunities
2 March 2007

Departments: Equal Opportunities
12 and 16 February 2007

Meat Products: Clones
30 January 2007

Dispute Resolution
Retail Energy Market
29 January 2007

Asylum Seekers
25 January 2007

Iraqi Refugees
5 December 2006

Middle East
30 November 2006

27 November 2006

London Mayor and Assembly
Waste Recycling