Dai Davies


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

29 October 2007
Ex-servicemen: Radiation Exposure
Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations
Nuclear Weapons: Testing
Princes Trust: Apprentices
25 October 2007

Iraq: Casualties
Nuclear Weapons: Testing
24 October 2007

Arms Trade: Treaties
Climate Change Levy
Environment Protection: Nuclear Power
United Nations: Festivals and Special Occasions
23 October 2007

Long Term Unemployed
22 October 2007

Ballistic Missile Defence
Taxation: Environment Protection
19 October 2007

Arm's Length Management Organisation
Internet: Standards
Prostate Cancer: Screening
Road Safety Campaigns
17 October 2007

Child Support Agency: Manpower
16 October 2007

Palestinians: Entry Clearances
UK Commission for Employment and Skills
15 October 2007

Developing Countries: Exports
Nuclear Power: Reviews
10 October 2007

UK Commission for Employment and Skills: Public Appointments
9 October 2007

Health Professions: Employment
8 October 2007

Palestinians: Entry Clearances
Sustainable Development: Northstowe
1 October 2007

17 September 2007

Employment Schemes
Local Employment Partnerships
12 September 2007

Ballistic Missile Defence
Nuclear Weapons: Procurement
10 September 2007

Energy: France
Nuclear Power
3 September 2007

AWE Aldermaston: Floods
Floods: Helicopters
Housing: Low Incomes
Housing: Standards
Russia: Extradition
Security: NHS
26 July 2007

Radioactive Wastes: Waste Management
25 July 2007

Children's Centres
Draft Legislation Programme
Housing: Combined Heat and Power
Irish Sea: Environment Protection
Pensioners: Disability Living Allowance
24 July 2007

23 July 2007

AWE Aldermaston: Press
Combined Heat and Power: Housing
Housing: Combined Heat And Power
Nuclear Weapons: Proliferation
Written Questions
19 July 2007

Coroners: Armed Forces
18 July 2007

Afghanistan: Peace Keeping Operations
Council Tax
Nuclear Disarmament
17 July 2007

Committees: National Security
Middle East: Special Envoy
16 July 2007

Convention on Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism
12 July 2007

Home Care Services: Elderly
11 July 2007

EU Grants and Loans
Immigration: Doctors
10 July 2007

Departments: Press Conferences
9 July 2007

Parliamentary Questions: Olympic Games
3 July 2007

Uganda: Diplomatic Relations
2 July 2007

Arms Trade: Firearms
26 June 2007

Foreign Workers: EC Nationals
Medical Records: Databases
Pollution Control
25 June 2007

Home Information Packs
Medical Records: Databases
Medical Records: Databases
World Environment Day
Written Questions
21 June 2007

Ballistic Missile Defence
Nuclear Power: Japan
Radioactive Wastes: Waste Management
State Retirement Pensions
20 June 2007

Housing: Standards
Olympic Games: Greater London
Severn Barrage
18 June 2007

Czech Republic: Ballistic Missile Defence
Energy Technologies Institute: Wales
Housing: Advisory Services
Infrastructure: Planning
Planning Policy Commission
15 June 2007

Climate Change: Young People
14 June 2007

Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse
Energy: Environment Protection
13 June 2007

Olympic Games: Greater London
12 June 2007

Ballistic Missile Defence
Terrorism: Stop and Search
USA: Ballistic Missile Defence
11 June 2007

Bicycles: Trains
Home Information Packs
Nuclear Power Stations: Decommissioning
Nuclear Power: Public Participation
Nuclear Power: Security
Nutrition: Training
Palace of Westminster: Smoking
Radioactive Wastes: Waste Management
Welfare Tax Credits
6 June 2007

Uganda: Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
5 June 2007

Departments: Visits Abroad
Energy Technologies Institute: Wales
Members: Correspondence
Palace of Westminster: Security
Taxation: Environment Protection
4 June 2007

Grazing Land: Walls and Fences
Housing: Public Service
Japan: Nuclear Power
Leisure: Training
NHS: Recruitment
Sports: Apprentices
24 May 2007

Climate Change: Electricity Generation
Construction: Sustainable Development
Grazing Land: Walls and Fences
Members Staff: Disclosure of Information
Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty
21 May 2007

Departments: Paper
Green Roofs
Luis Posada Carriles
Nuclear Weapons: Transport
Trident: Freedom of Information
18 May 2007

Construction: Manpower
European Environment Council of Ministers
Intelligence Services: Finance
Nuclear Power
Sustainable Development: Government Departments
Voting Rights: Prisoners
17 May 2007

Departments: Environment Protection
16 May 2007

Nuclear Weapons Treaties
15 May 2007

Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide
Freedom of Information
History: Publications
14 May 2007

Freedom of Information
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
8 May 2007

Bereavement Counselling
NHS: Rehabilitation
2 May 2007

Grandparents: Parental Responsibility
1 May 2007

Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill
Mental Health Services
30 April 2007

City Academies: Comprehensive Schools
Health Services: Rural Areas
Policy Review
27 April 2007

Farms: Contamination
26 April 2007

25 April 2007

Law: Students
24 April 2007

Departments: Official Engagements
Law: Students
23 April 2007

Chemical Weapons: Research
Mining: Compensation
19 April 2007

Freedom of Information
16 April 2007

Departments: Travel
Energy: Conservation
Environment Agency: Finance
Excise Duties: Motor Vehicles
Future of the United Kingdoms Nuclear Deterrent White Paper
Heat: Wastes
Iraq: Casualties
Ministers: Travel
Pay: Wales
Road Transport
29 March 2007

Climate Change
Cost-effective Energy: Households
NHS Finance
28 March 2007

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Opinion Polls
Police Patrolling
Regional Development Agencies
27 March 2007

Rapid Transit Systems
Transport: Urban Areas
26 March 2007

National Archives
Sustainable Development: Rapid Transit System
19 March 2007

Care Homes: Finance
Civil Servants: Wales
15 March 2007

13 March 2007

Nuclear Submarines: Decommissioning
12 March 2007

Big Lottery Fund
Freedom of Information
Trident: Legal Opinion
9 March 2007

Alcohol Consumption
8 March 2007

Care Homes: Fees and Charges
Home Care Services: Elderly
Written Questions
5 March 2007

Children: Poverty
Petitions: Internet
2 March 2007

Iran: Nuclear Power
Office for Civil Nuclear Security
1 March 2007

Community Development: Children
28 February 2007

Carbon Dioxide: Pollution Control
National Metals Technology Centre: Finance
22 February 2007

Nuclear Weapons
21 February 2007

Avian Influenza: Disease Control
19 February 2007

Coal: Mining
Departments: Freedom of Information
12 and 16 February 2007

Binge Drinking
8 February 2007

10 Downing Street: Email
Labour Party
Management Consultants
7 February 2007

Curriculum: Climate Change
Local Authorities: Housing
Pension Tax Credits
6 February 2007

Child Maintenance
Minimum Wage Earners
Radioactive Wastes
2 February 2007

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
1 February 2007

Olympic Games
31 January 2007

Olympic Games
29 January 2007

Building Schools for the Future
Carbon Offsetting
Hans Blix: Report
Nuclear Weapons
26 January 2007

Government Websites
Greenhouse Gases
Police: Processed Paperwork
25 January 2007

Rights of Way: Disabled Access
24 January 2007

Legal Aid
Recycled Water
23 January 2007

Defence Contracts
18 January 2007

Rights of Way
17 January 2007

Employment Agencies
16 January 2007

Non-proliferation Treaty
Renewable Energy: Schools
15 January 2007

Occupational Pensions
10 January 2007

9 January 2007

Environment Agency
EU Emissions Trading System
Radioactive Waste Policy Group
8 January 2007

Repossessions and Evictions
20 December 2006 and 5 January 2007

Meteorological Office
National Offender Management Bill
19 December 2006

Airport Expansion
Housing Stock Transfers
Tax Credit
University Places
18 December 2006

Affordable Homes
Council Housing: Empty Property
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Polonium 210
Probation Service
14 December 2006

Private Finance Initiative
13 December 2006

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
11 December 2006

Nuclear Forum
Nuclear Weapons
6 December 2006

Hinkley Point Power Station
Marine Climate Change Partnership
Nuclear Disarmament
5 December 2006

NHS Trusts
4 December 2006

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
30 November 2006

Freedom of Information
29 November 2006

Smart Meters
27 November 2006

Climate Change
Climate Change Adaptation Fund
Departmental Website
National Identity Scheme Commissioner
Office of Climate Change
Post Office
Science Base
23 November 2006

Weapons of Mass Destruction
22 November 2006

Green Heat
21 November 2006

Road Safety Campaigns
20 November 2006

Ministerial Meeting