Mr Dennis Skinner


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

30 October 2007
Antisocial Behaviour Orders: Derbyshire
Dental Services: Derbyshire
Digital Switchover Help Scheme: East Midlands
Drugs: East Midlands
Home Energy Efficiency Scheme: Contracts
Home Energy Efficiency Scheme: Heating
Hospitals: Waiting Lists
Olympic Games: Greater London
Police: Derbyshire
Public Libraries: Derbyshire
UK Film Council: East Midlands
29 October 2007

Alzheimer's Disease: Drugs
Breast Cancer: East Midlands
Council Tax: East Midlands
Cycleways: East Midlands
Disability Living Allowance: East Midlands
Employers' Liability: East Midlands
Industrial Diseases: Compensation
Life Expectancy: East Midlands
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence: Standards
State Retirement Pensions: East Midlands
Theatre: East Midlands
Winter Fuel Payments: Bolsover