Rt Hon Harriet Harman


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

29 October 2007
Members: Correspondence
9 October 2007

School Visits
17 September 2007

Departments: Ministerial Red Boxes
12 September 2007

Equal Pay
Females: Criminal Proceedings
Public Sector: Equal Pay
26 July 2007

Parliamentary Pay, Pensions and Allowances [Statement]
Procedure Committee's First Report (Public Petitions and Early-day Motions) [Statement]
11 July 2007

State Opening of Parliament [Statement]
9 July 2007

Departments: Common Purpose
Departments: Pay
Departments: Performance Appraisal
Departments: Public Transport
Departments: Sick Leave
Parliamentary Questions: Olympic Games
5 July 2007

Flexible Working
3 July 2007

Departments: Sick Leave
Short Money
Westminster Hall Sittings
2 July 2007

European Legislation: Scrutiny
Front-Bench Speeches
Westminster Hall Debates
29 June 2007

Members: Pay
25 June 2007

Courts: Clothing
Courts: Clothing
Departments: Aviation
Departments: Aviation
Departments: Energy
Departments: Energy
Departments: Foreign Relations
Departments: Foreign Relations
Departments: Sign Language
Departments: Sign Language
Judges: Pensions
Judges: Pensions
Magistrates: Wales
Magistrates: Wales
Security Measures
Security Measures
21 June 2007

Coroners: Mesothelioma
Departments: Remploy
20 June 2007

Administration of Justice: Crown Dependencies
Channel Islands
Confidence and confidentiality: Openness in family courts - a new approach [Statement]
Court Service: Maladministration
Crown Dependencies
Departments: Manpower
Departments: Property
Inquests Into the Deaths of Servicemen [Statement]
Judgments: Debts
Legislation: Channel Islands and Isle of Man
Legislation: Guernsey
Legislation: Isle of Man
Public Appointments: Crown Dependencies
Sentencing: Appeals
Small Claims: Legal Representation
Supreme Court: Costs
Young Offenders: Crown Dependencies
19 June 2007

Court Staff: Regional Pay Rates
Departmental Responsibilities
Industrial Health and Safety: Coroners
18 June 2007

Community Justice Centres: Public Appointments
Departments: Official Cars
Departments: Official Residences
Departments: Property
Departments: Public Relations
Family Courts
Judges: Public Appointments
Residence Orders
Road Traffic Offences: Foreigners
Sentencing: Appeals
14 June 2007

Departments: Official Cars
United Kingdom Supreme Court [Statement]
13 June 2007

David Kelly
Departments: Property
Members: Correspondence
Salisbury Justice Centre
11 June 2007

Departments: Legal Costs
Departments: Private Finance Initiative
Departments: Travel Agents
Royal Courts of Justice: Libraries
6 June 2007

Family Conciliation Services
Magistrates Courts: Closures
5 June 2007

Burial Law Reform [Statement]
Community Justice Centres: Public Appointments
4 June 2007

Care Proceedings
Departments: Consultants
Departments: Statistics
Family Courts: Sexual Offences
Judiciary: Retirement
Juries: Welsh Language
Legal Advice and Assistance: Armed Forces
Magistrates: Recruitment
Magistrates: Retirement
Mediation: Pilot Schemes
Repossession Orders: Warrington
24 May 2007

Fines: Victim Support Schemes
22 May 2007

David Kelly
21 May 2007

Administration of Justice: Interpreters
Contact Orders
Departments: Netmums Website
Family Courts
Fines: Victim Support Schemes
Supreme Court
15 May 2007

Courts: Nottingham
Fines: Victim Support Schemes
Magistrates Courts
Magistrates Courts: Lancashire
14 May 2007

Care Proceedings
Courts: Manpower
Law: Islam
Magistrates Courts
Victim Support Schemes
2 May 2007

Bankruptcy: Suffolk
Courts: Interpreters
Departments: Buildings
Departments: Intimidation
Freedom of Information: Complaints
Orders and Regulations: Public Libraries
Repossession Orders: Suffolk
30 April 2007

Courts: Manpower
Departments: Paper
Fines: Compensation
Vetting: Training
24 April 2007

Administration of Justice: Freemasonry
Welfare Tax Credits: Fraud
23 April 2007

Departments: Official Hospitality
18 April 2007

Freedom of Information Act [Statement]
17 April 2007

Departments: Pressure Groups
Departments: Redundancy
Lord Chancellor's Dept: Official Residences
Magistrates Courts
16 April 2007

Bailiffs: Certification
Courts: Nottingham
Courts: Pay
Custody: Parents
Enforcement Law Reform Group
Fixed Penalties
John Smith Memorial Trust
Unpaid Fines
29 March 2007

Her Majesty's Courts Service Key Performance Indicators 2007-08* [Statement]
Oxfordshire Inquests [Statement]
28 March 2007

Coroners: Armed Forces
Maintenance: Children
27 March 2007

Courts: Drugs
26 March 2007

Community Court Schemes
Coroners: Armed Forces
Courts: Security
Departments: Advertising
Departments: Trade Unions
Miscarriages of Justice: Family Courts
19 March 2007

David Kelly
15 March 2007

Children: Maintenance
14 March 2007

Criminal Proceedings
Members: Correspondence
13 March 2007

Courts: Salisbury
Judges: Housing
12 March 2007

Bailiffs: Licensing
Departments: Consultants
Magistrates: Training
9 March 2007

Coroners: Essex
Courts: Essex
7 March 2007

Lords Lieutenant
Magistrates Courts: East Sussex
6 March 2007

Coroners Service
Domestic Violence Courts
Duchy of Cornwall
Rape Victims
1 March 2007

Departments: Retirement
Judiciary: Public Appointments
Supreme Court Implementation Programme [Statement]
Unpaid Fines
27 February 2007

Draft Coroner's Bill Consultation [Statement]
26 February 2007

Departments: Complaints
Departments: Manpower
Departments: Pay
Departments: Theft
Legal Aid
Supreme Court: Middlesex Guildhall
23 February 2007

Departments: Freedom of Information
Powers of Attorney
Spring Supplementary Estimate 2006-07 [Statement]
22 February 2007

Criminal Justice [Statement]
Maintenance: Children
21 February 2007

Departments: Furniture
20 February 2007

Witnesses: Young People
19 February 2007

Afghanistan: Peace Keeping Operations
Bailiffs: Regulation
Departments: Equal Opportunities
Departments: Gender Equality
Departments: Race Equality Duty
Family Courts
Magistrates Courts: Strikes
Prisoners: Deportation
8 February 2007

Administration of Justice
Courts: Mental Health Services
Data Protection (Consultation Response) [Statement]
Family Law
Justices Clerks
Legal Systems: Islam
Magistrate Courts: Closures
Magistrate Courts: Training
Magistrates Courts: Administration
Magistrates Courts: Wales
Supreme Court
6 February 2007

Magistrates Courts
30 January 2007

British Food
Coroners Service
Court Televisions
Improving the Power of Coroners' Recommendations [Statement]
Magistrates Court Appearance
Ministerial Travel
Open Source Software
Supreme Court
29 January 2007

Special Educational Needs
25 January 2007

Criminal Justice Act
23 January 2007

Public Sector Pensions
22 January 2007

Burial Places
Criminal Procedure Rules
Designated Drugs Courts
Judicial Pension Schemes
19 January 2007

Islamic Shariah Council
18 January 2007

Armed Forces Personnel
Public Sector Information
17 January 2007

Judicial Pensions
Magistrates Courts
16 January 2007

Departmental Travel
Wider Markets Initiative
15 January 2007

Court Televisions
Departmental Hospitality
Joint Committee on Human Rights Report [Statement]
11 January 2007

Disorder Penalty Notices
9 January 2007

Contempt of Court
Legal Advice
8 January 2007

Freedom of Information [Statement]
20 December 2006 and 5 January 2007

Contact Orders
Miscarriages of Justice
Public Finance Contracts
19 December 2006

Child Care Court Proceedings
HM Court Service
Judicial Appointments Commission
18 December 2006

Mental Capacity Act 2005 [Statement]
Oxfordshire Inquests (a) [Statement]
The Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Act 2004 [Statement]
The Forfeiture Rule and the Law of Succession [Statement]
14 December 2006

Limitation Act
Ship Weddings
13 December 2006

Departmental Entertaining
Ministerial Residence
Special Advisers
12 December 2006

Official Cars
11 December 2006

Inquests: Deaths in Service Overseas
6 December 2006

Child Abuse: Historic Claims
Court Service Budget
Magistrates: Milton Keynes
Sharia Courts
5 December 2006

Children: Abuse
County Courts: Wandsworth
Court Service
Courts: Salisbury
Departmental Staff
Family Courts
4 December 2006

Court Buildings (Gloucestershire)
Criminal Justice Regionalisation
Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act
Magistrates Courts
Residence Orders
29 November 2006

Chelmsford Court
Court House (Salisbury)
Crown Court
Family Court Centres
High Court
Jury Service
Military Personnel (Inquests)
Private Finance Initiatives
27 November 2006

Bonus Payments
Community Justice [Statement]
23 November 2006

Court Buildings
Court Closures
Custody of Children
Gender Equality
22 November 2006

Coroners' Courts
Televising Court Proceedings
21 November 2006

Coroner Reform Bill
Supreme Court