Mr John Hayes


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

30 October 2007
EU Migrants
24 October 2007

Departments: Manpower
12 September 2007

Departments: Manpower
3 September 2007

Departments: Discrimination
Vocational Training
25 July 2007

Skilled Workers: Foreigners
19 July 2007

Higher Education: European Union
Schools: Compensation
Vocational Training: Foreigners
17 July 2007

Civil Servants: Qualifications
Departments: Compensation
Departments: Ethnic Groups
Departments: Legislation
16 July 2007

Schools: Teaching Methods
12 July 2007

Departments: Committees
Departments: Council of Ministers
Departments: EU Law
Skilled Workers
Skilled Workers: Unemployment
Students: Loans
11 July 2007

Apprentices: Per Capita Costs
Civil Servants: Higher Education
Departmental Reorganisation
Departments: Ex-servicemen
Departments: Prisons
Pupils: Basic Skills
Schools: Literacy
Secondary Education: Curriculum
10 July 2007

Cabinet: Qualifications
Children: Day Care
Department for Education and Skills: Reorganisation
Higher Education: Admissions
Succession: EU Action
25 June 2007

Edward Chininga
Edward Chininga
Vocational Training
21 June 2007

18 June 2007

Education: EC Action
13 June 2007

11 June 2007

Russia: Estonia
Students: Loans
6 June 2007

Race Equality
5 June 2007

Privy Council: Oaths and Affirmations
4 June 2007

24 May 2007

Unemployment: Young People
23 May 2007

Departments: Assets
Economic and Monetary Union: European Constitution Treaty
Public Private Partnerships
22 May 2007

EC Action: Communication
Learning and Skills Council for England
Russia: Estonia
21 May 2007

Connexions Service
Vocational Guidance
17 May 2007

Departmental Restructuring
16 May 2007

Departments: Training
ICT: Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
15 May 2007

Assaults on Staff
Conflict Resolution Training
14 May 2007

Measures for Civil Society Programme
10 May 2007

EC Action: Industrial Relations
9 May 2007

Remploy: Closures
Remploy: Pay
8 May 2007

European Commission: Publicity
European Movement
European Union: Communication
European Union: Publicity
Remploy: Consultants
3 May 2007

European Union: Communication
European Union: Publicity
2 May 2007

EU-Canada Joint Committee on Higher Education Training and Youth
Jean Monnet Programme
Youth for Europe
1 May 2007

Remploy: Manpower
30 April 2007

Remploy: Business Interests
Remploy: Management
26 April 2007

Competition Law
EC Budget
EC Grants and Loans: Taxation
Education: EC Action
Education: EC Grants and Loans
Livestock: Disease Control
Personal Social and Health Education: UK Membership of EC
Reserved Forces: National Insurance Contributions
25 April 2007

Departments: EC Action
EC Budget
EC Grants and Loans
Education: EC Action
Education: EC Grants and Loans
EU-Canada Joint Committee on Higher Education Training and Youth
International Fund for Ireland
Personal Social and Health Education: UK Membership of EC
Training: Expenditure
23 April 2007

Business: EC Action
EC Action
EC Integration
European Commission: Motor Vehicles
European Union
20 April 2007

Procurement Projects
19 April 2007

Further Education: Standards
17 April 2007

EC Action: Finance
EC Budget
EC Institutions: Visits
EU Information and Communication Programmes
EU: Constitutions
EuroGlobe Programme
European Commission: Consultants
European Communities Interinstitutional Centre
European Parliament
Non-Governmental Organisations: Finance
PRINCE Programmes
16 April 2007

Common Agricultural Policy
Common Fisheries Policy
Departmental Staff
Departments: Compensation
EU Gender Institute
European Civil Peace Corps
European Community
European Union: Citizenship
Train to Gain Programme
29 March 2007

Children: Conferences
Departments: EC Action
Vocational Training
Young People: EC Action
28 March 2007

27 March 2007

Employer Training Pilots
European Movement
26 March 2007

Olympic Delivery Authority
23 March 2007

Departments: Risk Register
22 March 2007

Departments: Pay
21 March 2007

Claims Annual Report
Climate Change Taskforce
NHS: Pensions
15 March 2007

Ministerial Duties
14 March 2007

Departmental Secondment
13 March 2007

Immigration: EC Enlargement
9 March 2007

Accidental Deaths
8 March 2007

Anti-discrimination Forms
Death Duties
Departments: EC Law
Departments: ICT
Departments: Public Expenditure
7 March 2007

Departments: EC Action
6 March 2007

Public Health Improvement
St. Helena
5 March 2007

Ambassadors for British Business Scheme
Diversity Training
Nolle Prosequi
2 March 2007

Assisted Voluntary Return Scheme
China: Overseas Aid
Digital Switchover
1 March 2007

Departmental Coordination: EC Action
Departments: Accountancy
Exchange Rate Mechanism
28 February 2007

Armed Forces: Driving
Revenue and Customs
Union Modernisation Fund
27 February 2007

Departmental Annual Report
Departmental Studies
Intelligence Services: EC Action
National Physical Laboratory
NHS: Finance
Official Residences
Public Finance Contracts
Sponsored Events
Staff Intake
26 February 2007

Departmental Briefing Papers
Illegal Immigrants: EC Action
Union Academy
22 February 2007

Foreign Relations
21 February 2007

British Citizenship
Official Gifts: Buses
Zimbabwe: Sanctions
20 February 2007

Civil Servants: Termination of Employment
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training: Finance
Galileo Contract
Leonardo da Vinci Programme
Patient Feedback
Private Finance Initiative
UK Film Council
19 February 2007

Armed Forces: Uniforms
Consolidated Resource Accounts
Consultancy Fees
Departmental Staff
Departments: Cost Effectiveness
Departments: Nobel Prize
Departments: Training
EC Defence Policy
EC Law
Olympic Games
Permanent Committee on Geographical Names
Treaty of Rome: Anniversaries
12 and 16 February 2007

Class A Drug Addicts
Oil and Pipeline Agency
Schools Absence Strategy
Teachers' TV
8 February 2007

BBC: Finance
British Antarctic Survey: Finance
Donated Asset Reserve
EU Membership Studies
National Debt
Travel Restrictions: European Union
7 February 2007

Floodplain Building
NHS Pensions
Risk Register
6 February 2007

Cabinet Office
Compensation Payments
Culture Online
EU Fundamental Rights Agency
National Lottery
Self-assessment Commercials
5 February 2007

Advertising Campaigns
Gershon Review
Health and Safety
Health and Safety Executive
Office for Fair Access
Official Cars
Reported Accidents
Underachieving Pupils
2 February 2007

Race Equality Impact Assessment
1 February 2007

Centres of Vocational Excellence
Departmental Expenditure
NHS Finance
Procurement Projects
Smith Institute
31 January 2007

NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency
30 January 2007

Infusion Devices
Smoking Ban
29 January 2007

British Citizenship
Campaign Medals
Clinical Negligence
Failing Schools
Schengen Information System
25 January 2007

Care Standards Tribunal
Claim Awards
Healthcare Commission
Hospital Beds
Pride London Parade
UNICEF: Food Spoilage
Waiting Lists and Times
24 January 2007

Advocacy Services
Development Plus Programme
European Health Insurance Card
Flu Jabs
Mosaic Project
Protective Clothing
23 January 2007

Centralised Processing
Departmental Studies
Domestic Violence
Freedom of Information
Gender Awareness
Joint International Unit
Mental Health
National College of School Leadership
NHS Finance
Olympic Games
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advisory Group
Sexual Orientation Regulations
UN Budgets
Zimbabwean Beef
22 January 2007

Black History Month
Crisis Resolution Teams
Departmental Assets
Disability Disclosure
Employee Compensation
Gateway Protection Programme
Gershon Review
HSE Communications
Investors in People
Judicial Pension Schemes
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered History Month
National Skills Academies
Pacesetters Project
Partnerships for Schools
Procurement Projects
Pupils: Intimidation
Rough Sleepers
Schools Absence Strategy
Sexual Health
Teachers' TV
19 January 2007

Bona Vacantia Decision
Road Safety
Safety Campaigns
18 January 2007

Compensation Payments
Departmental Grants
Departmental Secondment
Foreign Decorations
Government Car Service
Proscribed Terrorist Organisations
Public Finance Contracts
Public Sector Employees
Repeat Bail Offenders
17 January 2007

Asia Task Force
Asylum Seekers
Departmental Annual Report
European Crime Report
Galileo Programme
Judicial Pensions
Late Payments
Legal Aid
London Underground
Millennium Dome
Mobility and Inclusion Unit
Private Finance Initiative
Saddam Hussein
School Food Trust
Sir Rod Eddington
16 January 2007

Bicycle Thefts
Civil Cases Budget
Departmental Claims Policy
Disability Discrimination Act
Fire Service College
Productivity Top Tips
Prudential Borrowing Scheme
Shetland Fisheries
Wider Markets Initiative
15 January 2007

Cycle Spaces
Death Penalty
Departmental IT Costs
Fire Deaths
Fire Risk Assessments
HSE and HSC Litigation
HSE Campaign
Legal Aid
Regional Aid
Royal National Lifeboat Institute
11 January 2007

Departmental Contracts
Equality Legislation
Government Art Collection
10 January 2007

Land Securities Trillium
9 January 2007

Digital Switchover
Foreign Postgraduate Students
Officials: Disclosure
8 January 2007

Animal Culls
Archaeological and Historic Sites
Badger Culling
Business Support
Climate Change
Fallen Stock
Global Warming
Historical Sites
Kensington Palace Gardens
Marine Fisheries Agency
National Consumer Council
Private Finance Initiative
Regulation (EC) No. 2006/2004
Research Projects
Single Farm Payments
Total Allowable Catch: Rockall
UK-funded Medical Treatment
20 December 2006 and 5 January 2007

Arrest Rates
Consultancy Fees
Departmental Annual Report
Departmental Training and Equipment
Europol Information System
Gershon Review
Hague Programme
Humanitarian Assistance Unit
Turnaround Teams
Waiting List Deaths
19 December 2006

Common Visa Offices
Crime Statistics
Departmental Expenditure
Departmental Taxation
Dover House
Employers' Forum Disability Standard
European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection
Foundation Degrees
Government Gilts
Healthy Living Centres
HM Revenue and Customs
International Subscriptions: Non-proliferation
National School of Government
Public Finance Contracts
Pupils: Exclusions
Reconviction Rates
Regulatory Impact Assessments
School Playing Fields
Tax Credits and Child Trust Fund
18 December 2006

Annual Report
Antiques and Works of Art
Arts Projects
British Films
Cabinet Office
Carbon Emission Targets
Child Trust Fund
Children's Pack
Climate Change Levy
Cultural Goods: Seizures
Cultural Leadership Fund
Culture Online
Culture West Midlands
Departmental Financial Management
Departmental Survey
Ethics and Integrity Code
European Anti-Fraud Office
European Citizens' Initiative
European Commission
Export Licensing via Internet Service Project
Fraud Investigations
Government Hospitality
Green Public Buildings
Historic Ships
Horserace Betting Levy Board
Land Sales
MG Rover
Office of Government Commerce Buying Solutions
Public Expenditure
Radical Middle Way Roadshow
Rail Fares
Regional Development Agencies
School Sport
Sentence Tariffs
South Bank Centre
Staff Bonuses
Tax Credits
Telecommunications Masts
Think Tank
Train to Gain
Visa Information Service
Wembley Stadium
Woburn Place
14 December 2006

Charitable Status
Cramlington Land Partnership
EU Gas Co-ordination Group
EU Migrants
Exchequer Contingent Liabilities
External Border Agency
Identity Card
Judicial Co-operation
Military Vehicles
National Lottery
Official Publications
Politically Exposed Persons Directive
School Discipline
Security: Football Grounds
Sierra Leone
Sponsored Bodies
Talented Athletes
Thermal Depolymerization
Travel Bans
13 December 2006

Carbon Trading Permits
Compensation Payments
Drug Rehabilitation
National Savings and Investment
NHS Projects
Olympic Games
Public Sector Employees
Queen's Speech
Schengen Information System II
University Campuses: Freedom of Speech of Association
12 December 2006

Art Exhibitions
Criminal Assets
Ethical Foreign Policy Initiative
European Contract Law
European Day of Civil Justice
European Evidence Warrant
Farm Subsidies
Judicial Documents
NHS IT Programme
Official Gifts
Press Officers
Waste Televisions
11 December 2006

Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention
Buxton Memorial Fountain
Civil Servants' Business Appointments
Donated Assets
Radio Spectrum Harmonisation
Television Sets: Disposal
7 December 2006

Meat Imports
Victims of Crime: Compensation
6 December 2006

Freedom of Movement of Workers
Hague Conference on Private International Law
Seabird Populations
5 December 2006

Departmental Projects
EU Co-operation
European Constitution
London Olympics
Military Campaign Medals
Mr. Litvinenko
State Aids
4 December 2006

Al Qaeda
Briefing Material
Counterfeit Money
Departmental Staff
Departmental Studies
Donated Asset Reserve
European and UK Law
Fishing Fleet
Food Intervention Stocks
Interpretation Costs
Ministerial Bank Accounts
Non-proliferation Conferences
Policy Tsars
Private Finance Initiatives
Procurement Projects
Zimbabwean Beef
30 November 2006

2012 Olympics
Free Speech (Universities)
Party Political Funding
29 November 2006

Civil Servants
28 November 2006

27 November 2006

European Communities (Pooling of Activity)
Macular Degeneration
Rural Payments Agency
23 November 2006

22 November 2006

EU Battlegroups
Hyok Sin 2
21 November 2006

Human Trafficking
People Trafficking