Lady Hermon


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

29 October 2007
Northern Bank: Robbery
Police: Pay
26 July 2007

Monuments: County Armagh
4 July 2007

Autism: Judiciary
29 June 2007

Members: Correspondence
National Offender Management Service
27 June 2007

Departments: Publications
Prisoners Release: Northern Ireland
25 June 2007

Juvenile Justice Centre
Prisoner Escapes
Prisoners Release: Northern Ireland
Prisoners Release: Northern Ireland
21 June 2007

Juvenile Justice Centre
20 June 2007

Juvenile Justice Centre
19 June 2007

Iran: Bahai Sect
Northern Ireland Court Service: Interpreters
RAF Aldergrove
18 June 2007

Freedom of Information
15 June 2007

Genetics: Databases
14 June 2007

Asylum: Northern Ireland
Independent International Commission on Decommissioning
12 June 2007

6 June 2007

Asylum: Northern Ireland
Deportations: Iran
5 June 2007

Criminal Records
Prisons: Drugs
Welfare Tax Credits: Northern Ireland
4 June 2007

Departmental Expenditure
Motoring Offences
Nuclear Power Stations
Prisoners: Iran
Sexual Offences
23 May 2007

Asylum Seekers
Prisons: Drugs
21 May 2007

Prisons: Health Services
18 May 2007

Prisons: Drugs
Prisons: Religious Practice
17 May 2007

Home Information Packs
16 May 2007

Dogs: Theft
VAT: New Businesses
15 May 2007

Democratic Republic of Congo: Politics and Government
Iraq: Christianity
Iraq: Religious Freedom
Theft: Dogs
Transport: Crime
14 May 2007

Compensation: Applications
Drugs: Prisons
Olympic Games: Greater London
Prison Visitors
Prisons: Education
10 May 2007

Fire Services: Manpower
Fire Services: Pay
Groomsport School
Health: Research
Home Information Packs
Hospices: Finance
Northern Ireland Executive: Telephone Services
Recycling: Industrial Wastes
9 May 2007

Prisoners: Qualifications
8 May 2007

Construction: Bangor County Down
Northern Ireland Commissioner for Victims and Survivors: Public Appointments
Planning Permission
Public Transport: Accidents
Public Transport: Disabled
3 May 2007

Departments: Internet
Human Trafficking
Licensed Premises
Open Skies Aviation Agreement
1 May 2007

30 April 2007

Cancer: Drugs
Mentally Ill: Convictions
Schools: Playing Fields
26 April 2007

Armed Forces: Northern Ireland
25 April 2007

Alzheimer's Treatment
Pedestrian Crossings: Bangor
Public Libraries: Bangor
24 April 2007

Armed Forces: Detainees
Football: World Cup
Further Education: Student Wastage
Olympic Games: Greater London
Physical Education
Physical Education: Teachers
Public Libraries: Bangor
23 April 2007

Children: Day Care
Domestic Rates
Gun Sports
Mentally Ill: Young People
Obesity: Children
Pension Tax Credit
Raymond McCord Jr
Travelling People
20 April 2007

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland
Licensed Premises
19 April 2007

17 April 2007

Community Relations
Identity Cards
Small Businesses: Northern Ireland
16 April 2007

Army: Northern Ireland
Belfast-Bangor County Down Railway Line
Community Service
Complementary Medicine
Departments: Consultants
Excise Duties: Motor Vehicles
Illegal Immigrants: Northern Ireland
Motor Vehicles
New Businesses
Northern Ireland Executive: Departmental Coordination
Prisons: Northern Ireland
Pupils: Intimidation
Railways: Freight
Rates and Rating
Roads: Bangor
Speed Limits
Translation Services
Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre
29 March 2007

Community Support Officers
Elections: Proof of Identity
Energy Policy Progress Review
Police Service of Northern Ireland: Telephone Services
Water Service: Standards
28 March 2007

Fly Tipping
Hearing Aids: Digital Technology
Lung Cancer
Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties
Social Security Benefits: Fraud
Teachers: Pensions
Translink: Crimes of Violence
Translink: Fares
Translink: Vandalism
27 March 2007

Courts: Northern Ireland
Immigration Controls: Northern Ireland
Iraq and Afghanistan: Medical Treatment
Motoring Offences
26 March 2007

Ascension Island
Passports: Northern Ireland
Post Offices: Northern Ireland
Roads: Bangor
23 March 2007

Sexuality: Equality
22 March 2007

Baby Care Units
21 March 2007

Dual Nationality
Higher Education
Roads: Scotland
Water Service: Standards
Water: Shortages
20 March 2007

Dogs: Northern Ireland
Drug Seizures
Hospitals: Waiting Lists
Ports: Northern Ireland
Prisons: Drugs
Public Sector: Pay
Pupils: Intimidation
Roads: Belfast
Seas and Oceans: Environment Protection
Secure Accommodation
Towerview School, Bangor
Translink: Closed Circuit Television
Travel: Concessions
19 March 2007

15 March 2007

Domestic Violence
Northern Ireland Executive: Translation Services
Speed Limits: Cameras
14 March 2007

Police Community Support Officers
Pupils: Per Capita Costs
Schools: Arson
Schools: Fire Prevention
13 March 2007

Housing: Waiting Lists
Maternity Services
Nurses: Pay
Sports: Facilities
12 March 2007

Absent Voting
Antisocial Behaviour Orders
Electoral Register
Respite Care
8 March 2007

Belfast Festival
Firearms: Crime
Northern Ireland Policing Board: Tribunals
Prisoners Escapes
Sexual Offences
7 March 2007

Police Service of Northern Ireland
6 March 2007

Children: Maintenance
Housing: Standards
Identity Cards
VAT: Manpower
5 March 2007

Avian Influenza
Cars: Safety
Clifton Special School
Gift Aid
Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary
Hospitals: Parking
Missing Persons
NHS Treatment Centres
Night Flying
Northern Ireland Health and Social Services Trusts
Police Service of Northern Ireland: Iraq
Police Service of Northern Ireland: Standards
Pupils: Absenteeism
Roads: Accidents
Schools: Crimes of Violence
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
South Eastern Education and Library Board
Special Educational Needs
2 March 2007

British Nationality
Identity Cards: Northern Ireland
1 March 2007

Extended Schools: Rural Areas
Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons
Probation: Finance
Roads: Fees and Charges
28 February 2007

Assets Recovery Agency: Serious Organised Crime Agency
Conditions of Employment
Dental Services
Hospital Wards
Mentally Ill: Young People
Prison Service: Retirement
Prisons: Northern Ireland
Speed Camera Operations
27 February 2007

Housing Waiting Lists
Pupil Exclusions: Violence
Water Supply
21 February 2007

Members: Correspondence
20 February 2007

Cost Effectiveness
Muckamore Abbey Hospital
19 February 2007

Air Ambulance Services
Ambulance Stations
Irish Language
North Down and Ards Institute of Further and Higher Education
12 and 16 February 2007

Airports (VIP Operations)
8 February 2007

Railways: Belfast
7 February 2007

Restorative Justice Schemes
2 February 2007

Early Release
31 January 2007

Mr. Keith Moffat
29 January 2007

Medical Academics
25 January 2007

Armed Forces
23 January 2007

Voter Registration
22 January 2007

Further and Higher Education
18 January 2007

Craigantlet Quarry
16 January 2007

Ambulance Stations
Dangerous Dogs Legislation
15 January 2007

Alzheimer's Disease
8 January 2007

Golden Jubilee Medal
14 December 2006

Areas of Special Scientific Interest
Environment and Heritage Service
12 December 2006

Environmental Governance
11 December 2006

Armed Forces
7 December 2006

Hospital Infections
Household Statistics
Medical Negligence
6 December 2006

Child Poverty
Flu Vaccinations: Pensioners
Northern Ireland Ombudsman
Pensioner Poverty
5 December 2006

Anti-Poverty Strategy
Foreign Nationals
Fuel Poverty
High Hedges
Knife Crime
Tax Credits
4 December 2006

Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations
29 November 2006

Parking Fines
Serious Crime Prevention Orders
Televised Court Proceedings
28 November 2006

First-time Buyers
Probation Service
27 November 2006

Planning Service
23 November 2006

Intercept Evidence
Interim Victims Commissioner
Police Recruitment
Wind Farms
22 November 2006

Televising Court Proceedings
21 November 2006

Antisocial Behaviour Orders
Reciprocal Extradition Arrangements
Suspended Sentences