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Cabinet committees

Cabinet Office

    Departmental responsibilities 940-1w

    Eunomia Research and Consulting 188w

    Information and communications technology 1856w

    International general certificate of secondary education 1814w

    Ministerial policy advisors 190w

    Renewable energy 189w

    Written questions 941w

Cable, Mr Vincent

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (18.12.2006) 1167

    Occupational pensions (12.12.2006) 748

    Post Office (14.12.2006) 1041

    Pre-Budget report 2006 (06.12.2006) 318-9


    Civil servants, Location 394w

    Consultants, Dept for Communities and Local Government 171-2w

    Consultants, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 815w

    Consultants, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 955-6w

    Consultants, Dept for International Development 320-1w

    Consultants, Dept of Health 855-6w

    Consultants, Ministry of Defence 608w

    Consultants, Treasury 197w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1631-2w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1075-6w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 925w, 1094w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for International Development 1462-3w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Transport 1759w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept of Trade and Industry 806w, 1079w

    Cost effectiveness, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 997w

    Employment agencies, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 785-7w

    Halliburton, Dept for Education and Skills 1386w

    Halliburton, Dept for Transport 7w

    Halliburton, Dept of Health 381w

    Heathrow Airport, Passengers 1266-7w

    Identity cards, Costs 142w

    Information and communications technology, Contracts 717w

    Information and communications technology, Dept for Communities and Local Government 182-4w, 1644w

    Information and communications technology, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 816-7w

    Information and communications technology, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1297w

    Information and communications technology, Home Office 1967w

    Information and communications technology, Ministry of Defence 1477w

    Information and communications technology, Northern Ireland Office 306-7w, 1846w

    Information and communications technology, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 602w

    Information and communications technology, Scotland Office 931w

    Information and communications technology, Treasury 1202w

    Insurance, Consumer information 402w

    Interest rates, Personal savings 1426w

    Manpower, Ministry of Defence 362w

    Members, Information and communications technology 717w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 99w, 1144

    Opinion polls, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 602w

    Pay, Dept for Communities and Local Government 458-60w

    Pitcairn Islands 324w

    Public opinion, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1829w

    Public opinion, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 928w

    Public opinion, Dept for Education and Skills 1156w

    Public opinion, Dept for Transport 1761-2w

    Public opinion, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1001w

    Public opinion, Home Office 1328w

    Public opinion, Ministry of Defence 1488-9w

    Rent Assessment Committee 185w

    Research and development tax credit 210w

    Research and development tax credit, Northern Ireland 406w

    Revenue and Customs, Surveys 1201-2w

    Temporary employment, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1614w

    Temporary employment, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 218w

    Temporary employment, Dept for International Development 59w, 312w

    Temporary employment, Dept of Health 550w

    Temporary employment, Dept of Trade and Industry 913-5w

    Temporary employment, Home Office 1315w

    Temporary employment, Ministry of Defence 362w

    Temporary employment, Treasury 1544-6w

    Unemployment 434

Caborn, Rt Hon Richard, Minister of State for Sport, Dept for Culture Media and Sport

                  Chamber Debates

    Gambling, Internet (07.12.2006) 555-8

                  Written Statements

    Horserace Betting Levy Board 94-5ws


    County sports partnerships 420w

    Cricket, Young people 1587w

    English Sports Council 269w

    Football, Sponsorship 1599w

    Gambling, Advertising 1094w

    Horserace Betting Levy Board 1600w

    National Sports Foundation 1602w

    Public appointments, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1585w

    Sports, Betting 597w

    Sports competitors, Scholarships 1241w

    Sportsgrounds, Security 1241w


Cairns, David, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Northern Ireland Office and Scotland Office


    Act of Union 1707, Anniversaries 1769w

    Consultants, Scotland Office 930w

    Devolution, Scotland 929w

    DHL, Scotland Office 930w

    Environment protection, Northern Ireland 950-1w

    Excise duties, Northern Ireland 1850w

    Ferries, Scotland 929w

    Furniture, Scotland Office 1083w

    Health services, Scotland 707

    Hedges and ditches, Northern Ireland 304w

    Highlands and Islands Enterprise 705-6

    Immigration, Scotland 929w

    Information and communications technology, Scotland Office 931w

    Legal opinion, Scotland Office 1771w

    Local government, Northern Ireland 93-4w

    Local government finance, Scotland 709-10

    Manpower, Scotland Office 1082w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Scotland Office 421w

    Northern Ireland Water , Crown immunity 97w

    Northern Ireland Water , Pay 97w

    Northern Ireland Water , Pollution 98w

    Northern Ireland Water , Redundancy 97-8w

    Official cars, Scotland Office 931w

    Official engagements, Scotland Office 1771w

    Official hospitality, Scotland Office 1770-1w

    Parking, Northern Ireland 313w

    Pollution control, Scotland Office 1770w

    Post offices, Scotland 931w

    Poverty, Northern Ireland 315w

    Railway stations, Northern Ireland 315w

    Recruitment, Scotland Office 931w

    Regional planning and development, Northern Ireland 314-5w

    Renewable energy, Scotland Office 1084w

    Retirement, Scotland Office 1772w

    Road works, Northern Ireland 1853-5w

    Rural areas, Northern Ireland 1850-2w

    Schools, Northern Ireland 634-5w

    Sites of special scientific interest, Northern Ireland 1285-6w, 1288w

    Statistics, Scotland Office 1770w

    Taxis, Northern Ireland 316-7w

    Travel, Scotland Office 1772w

    Waste management, Northern Ireland 1856w

    Water Service, Pay 97w

    Written questions, Scotland Office 1772w


Cambridgeshire Constabulary


Cameron, Rt Hon David

                  Chamber Debates

    Trident (04.12.2006) 24-5


    Armed forces, Allowances 863-5

    General certificate of secondary education 300

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 296-8

Campbell, Mr Gregory

                  Chamber Debates

    Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Bill, 2R (13.12.2006) 895


    Care homes, Northern Ireland 90w

    Closed circuit television, Portstewart 1835-7w

    Demonstrations, Londonderry 1101w

    Ferries, Northern Ireland 1856w

    Offensive weapons, Amnesties 307w

    Offensive weapons, Northern Ireland 307-8w

    Parking, Northern Ireland 313w

    Pensioners, Social security benefits 316w

    Police, Northern Ireland 1288w

    Prescriptions, Northern Ireland 91w

    Prison accommodation, Northern Ireland 1848w

    Railway stations, Northern Ireland 315w

    Revenue and Customs, Redundancy 1553-4w

    Schools, Northern Ireland 634-5w

    Taxis, Northern Ireland 316-7w

    Tenants, Northern Ireland 635-6w

Campbell, Rt Hon Sir Menzies

                  Chamber Debates

    Trident (04.12.2006) 26-7


    Fuel poverty, Scotland 920w

    Homicide, Ipswich 867

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 298

Campbell, Mr Ronnie

                  Chamber Debates

    Child Support Agency (13.12.2006) 882

    Trident (04.12.2006) 32-3

                  Westminster Hall Debates





Canvey Island

Capital investment

Capital punishment

Carbon dioxide

    Dept of Trade and Industry 1522w

    Local authorities 588w

Carbon monoxide

Carbon offset scheme

Carbon sequestration

Cardiovascular system

Care homes

    Northern Ireland 90w

Care proceedings

Career structure


Carers' allowances



Carmichael, Mr Alistair

                  Chamber Debates

    Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill, Rep and 3R (04.12.2006) 69, 79, 84-5

    Post Office (14.12.2006) 1035


    Aviation, Pollution 2w

    Burma, Human rights 146-7

    Consultants, Dept for Transport 3-4w, 592w

    Contracts, Dept for Transport 592w

    Digital broadcasting, Scotland 816w

    Driving offences, Eyesight 145w

    Excise duties, Diesel fuel 429-30

    Fisheries, Climate change 961w

    Highlands and Islands Enterprise 706

    Railway stations 417w

    Railways, Standards 9-10w

    Research, Dept for Transport 596w

    Road traffic offences, Fines 1980-2w

    Road traffic offences, Prosecutions 650-2w

    Seas and oceans, Climate change 1065-6w

    Transport 3w

    Transport, Research 1266w


    Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 581w

Carswell, Douglas

                  Chamber Debates

    European Council (06.12.2006) 395-7


Carter Review

Cash, Mr William

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (18.12.2006) 1163

    Trident (04.12.2006) 34

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Ambulance services, Staffordshire (05.12.2006) 27wh, 36-8wh




    Dept for Communities and Local Government 1817w


Caton, Mr Martin

                  Chamber Debates

    Local Planning Authorities (Energy and Energy Efficiency) Bill, 1R (13.12.2006) 889


    Disease control 963w

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