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Flello, Robert

                  Chamber Debates


    Kosovo, Peace keeping operations 564-5

Flint, Caroline, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Health

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    "Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance in the UK Fourteenth Annual Report 2005" 2ws

    EU Employment Social Policy Health and Consumer Affairs Council 39-40ws

    Smoking, Regulation 2ws

    Tissue and Embryos Regulatory Authority 99-100ws


    Alcoholic drinks, Labelling 1913w

    Alcoholic drinks, Sulphites 1946w

    Breast cancer, Medical treatments 670w

    Cholesterol, Medical treatments 1352-3w

    Clinical assessment services 1171w

    Complementary medicine 1916w

    Diseases, Classification schemes 1026w

    Drugs, Counselling 552w

    Exercise, Publicity 1183w

    Fats, Health hazards 679w

    General practitioners, Opening hours 1920w

    Genetically modified organisms, Labelling 1247-8w

    Health Direct, Finance 1034w

    Health foods, Prescriptions 1170w

    Health professions 167w

    Health services, Lancashire 379w

    Health services, Milton Keynes 1182w

    Health services, Surrey 1038w

    Hemel Hempstead Hospital, Accident and emergency departments 692w

    HIV infection, Bournemouth 1360w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 1172w

    International general certificate of secondary education, Dept of Health 1031-2w

    Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation 1037w

    Laboratories, USA 378w

    Litvinenko, Alexander 1914w

    Meat Hygiene Service, Departmental responsibilities 1926-7w

    Medical examinations, Asylum 1027w

    National identity register, Dept of Health 1363w

    NHS, Consultants 673w

    NHS, Public participation 680w

    NHS Blood and Transplant, Consultants 380-1w

    Parasitic diseases, Pseudamphistomum truncatum 1041w

    Patients, Databases 1179w

    Processed food, Salt 1184w

    Public health observatories 1942-3w

    Rehabilitation centres 1943w

    Royal Naval Hospital Haslar 168w

    Rural areas, Dept of Health 1944-5w

    School fruit and vegetable scheme, Eastbourne 1015w

    School fruit and vegetable scheme, Greater Manchester 1153w

    Sexually transmitted diseases, Vaccination 1035-6w

    Shropshire County Primary Care Trust 168w

    Smoking, Public places 1043w

    Speech therapy, Graduates 690w

    Tuberculosis, Screening 1923w

    West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Accident and emergency departments 692w

    West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Acute beds 691-2w

    West Sussex Primary Care Trust, Vacancies 1180w

Flood control


    Horn of Africa 6ws

Flynn, Paul


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 355w, 1473w

    Afghanistan, Politics and government 1251w

    Armed forces, Health services 1491-2w

    Defence equipment, Radio 1485w

    Drugs, Rehabilitation 20

    Drugs, Side effects 572w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 85w

    Nuclear weapons, Proliferation 1515w

    Renewable energy, Expenditure 574-5w

Follett, Barbara


    Armed forces, Casualties 888w


    Sustainable development 589w

Food aid


Forced labour

Ford Prison

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Conditions of employment 1303w

    Cost effectiveness 997w

    Disclosure of information 1299w

    Information and communications technology 1297w, 1509w

    Ministerial policy advisors 1295w

    Pollution control 994w

    Private finance initiative 343-4w

    Public appointments 667w

    Temporary employment 340w

Foreign relations

    Saudi Arabia (19.12.2006) 1322-4

Foreign workers


    Road traffic offences 5w





Foster, Mr Don


    BBC Trust, Public appointments 1237w

    County sports partnerships 420w

    Digital switchover help scheme, Whitehaven 1598w

    Licensing laws, Fees and charges 1238w

    Licensing laws, Music 1238w

Foster, Mr Michael Jabez, (Hastings and Rye)

                  Chamber Debates

Foster care

Foundation degrees

Fox, Dr Liam


    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 575


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