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Graduate Teacher Training Registry


Gray, Mr James

                  Chamber Debates

    Health (05.12.2006) 213

    Trident (04.12.2006) 35

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Kosovo, Peace keeping operations 565

Grayling, Chris

                  Chamber Debates


    Buses, Overcrowding 1755w

    Community railways initiative 1068w

    Driving under influence 276-8w

    East coast railway line 1069w

    East coast railway line, Overcrowding 1757w

    Government bills, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 34-5w

    Great North Eastern Railways, Rolling stock 1069w

    Immobilisation of vehicles 1331w

    Motor vehicles, Exhaust emissions 3w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Transport 1756w

    Railway stations 416w

    Railway stations, Manpower 1450w

    Railway stations, Overcrowding 1274w

    Railways, Repairs and maintenance 1073w

    Railways, Security guards 1763w

    Railways, Standards 1275w

    Railways, Vandalism 1451w

    Transport, Community development 1766-8w

Great North Eastern Railways

Great Western Trains

Greater London

    Domestic wastes 710w

    General practitioners 553w

    Local government finance (19.12.2006) 1366-7

    Neighbourhood watch schemes 1981w

    Public expenditure 489w

    Welfare tax credits 1752w

Greater London Authority Bill 2006-07

                  Chamber Debates

    2R, Programme motion and Money res* (12.12.2006) 751-843

Greater Manchester

    School fruit and vegetable scheme 1153w

Greater Manchester Strategic Health Authority

    Public participation 381w

Green, Mr Damian

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Human trafficking (13.12.2006) 314-6wh


    Asylum, Finance 271w

    Conditions of employment, Home Office 1967w

    Detainees, Children 1322w

    Identity and Passport Service, Ports 1669-70w

    Illegal immigrants, Employment 15-6

    Prisoners, Foreigners 1685w


Greening, Justine

                  Chamber Debates


    Heathrow Airport 231w

    River Thames, Environment protection 52w

    Sewage, River Thames 222w

Grieve, Mr Dominic

                  Chamber Debates

    BAE Systems (14.12.2006) 1120-1

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Ethnic groups, Community relations (05.12.2006) 4wh

Griffith, Nia

                  Chamber Debates

    Offender Management Bill, 2R (11.12.2006) 624, 650-1


    Disadvantaged 853

Griffiths, Nigel, Deputy Leader of the House of Commons (Parliamentary Secretary)

                  Chamber Debates

    Recess motions (19.12.2006) 1374-7

Grogan, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Digital Switchover (Disclosure of Information) Bill, 2R (18.12.2006) 1225-7

    Offender Management Bill, 2R (11.12.2006) 625, 639-41

    Post Office (14.12.2006) 1041


    British Sky Broadcasting, ITV Network 1142

    Contracts, Highways Agency 1759w

    Public bodies, Contracts 1743w

    Television, Licensing 431-2


Guided weapons

Gummer, Rt Hon John


Gwynne, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Health (05.12.2006) 171

    Transport (05.12.2006) 232-3


    Business, Regulation 1159w

    Maps, Copyright 470w

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