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Tablighi Jamaat



Tami, Mark

                  Westminster Hall Debates

Tamil Tigers

    see Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam


    Council tax benefits 1017w

    Higher education 136w

    Local government finance 901-2w

    Road traffic offences 739w



    Disease control 763w

Tapsell, Sir Peter


    Iraq conflict 868

    Money laundering 422

    Police, Reorganisation 10

Task forces

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 583w

Tate Galleries

Tax allowances

    Driving instruction 198w

Tax rates and bands

Tax yields

    Government departments 1737w


    Environment protection 1244w

    Liquefied petroleum gas 1556w

    Overseas residence 694w

Taxation of Securitisation Companies Regulations 2006

                  Chamber Debates


Taylor, Ms Dari

                  Chamber Debates

    Maternity services, Teesside (11.12.2006) 694, 698

    Pre-Budget report 2006 (06.12.2006) 330

Taylor, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Digital Switchover (Disclosure of Information) Bill, 2R (18.12.2006) 1173

    Health (05.12.2006) 196

    Housing (07.12.2006) 467

    Pensions (07.12.2006) 516

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    British Waterways Board (06.12.2006) 111wh


    Administration of justice 5

    Bailiffs, Regulation 1274

    Cancer, Social security benefits 1697-8w

    Cathedrals, Repairs and maintenance 1138-9

    Disability living allowance, Sight impaired 154w

    Export Control Organisation 559

    Fats, Health hazards 679w

    Fire services, Reorganisation 975w

    Genetically modified organisms, Crops 1006-8

    Private finance initiative, Disclosure of information 424

    Small businesses, Utilities 1236-7w

    Supporting people programme, East Midlands 909w

Taylor, Mr Ian


    Bereavement benefits 855w

    Winter fuel payments 1582w

Taylor, Matthew


    Bank services, Fees and charges 848w

Disadvantaged 853-4

      Schools, Transport 258w

    Taylor, Dr Richard


      Iraq, Peace keeping operations 368w


      Foreign workers 137w

    Teachers TV

    Teaching aids

    Teather, Sarah

                      Chamber Debates

      Recess motions (19.12.2006) 1358-61


      Connexions Card 239w

      Educational institutions, Fires 868-70w

      Mentally ill, Brent 563w

      Northwick Park Hospital, Accident and emergency departments 851w

      Sexuality, Festivals and special occasions 1015-6w

      Students, Loans 257w

      Willesden Hospital 866w

    Technology Strategy Board Order 2007

                      Chamber Debates

    Teenage pregnancy


      Maternity services (11.12.2006) 693-702


    Telecommunications masts

      see Aerials

    Telephone numbering

    Telephone operator services

    Telephone services

      Dept for Work and Pensions 156w

      Welfare tax credits 406w

    Telephone tapping


      Repairs and maintenance 1912w


    Telford and Wrekin Primary Care Trust


    Temporary accommodation

    Temporary and Agency Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Bill 2006-07

                      Chamber Debates

      1R (13.12.2006) 889

    Temporary employment

      Dept for Communities and Local Government 1614w

      Dept for Culture Media and Sport 104w

      Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 218w, 960-2w

      Foreign and Commonwealth Office 340w

      Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 82w

      Welfare tax credits 988w

    10 Downing Street



    Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2006-07

                      Chamber Debates

      1R (18.12.2006) 1172

    Territorial Army


      Criminal investigation 1311w

      Northern Ireland 953w


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