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    Northern region 14w





Abandoned vehicles

Abbott, Ms Diane

                  Chamber Debates

    Weatherill, Lord, Death (10.05.2007) 317

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Legal aid, Reform (09.05.2007) 123-8wh



Absent voting

    Gloucestershire 680w


Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

Access to Inland Waterways Bill 2006-07

                  Chamber Debates

    2R order read (18.05.2007) 948

Accident and emergency departments



    Prison Service 86w


Act of Union 1707


    Anniversaries 4-6

Acute beds

Administration of justice

Admissibility of evidence


    see also Intecountry adoption

Adult education





African Union

Afriyie, Adam

                  Chamber Debates

    Further Education and Training Bill (HL), 2R (21.05.2007) 1062-4

    Home Information Pack Regulations (16.05.2007) 649

    Home information packs (22.05.2007) 1118

    Mental health services (08.05.2007) 113


    Aviation, Taxation 728

    Electoral Commission 1307w


Agricultural shows


    see also Farmers and Farms

    Employment schemes 519w

    Non-domestic rates 130w

Agriculture development scheme

Ainsworth, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Climate change (08.05.2007) 50-1, 61

    Waste management (24.05.2007) 1464-5


    Agriculture, Subsidies 732-3

    Animals, Disease control 881w

    Avian influenza, Suffolk 881w

    Greenhouse gas emissions 472-3w

    Lighting, Waste disposal 39w

    Seas and oceans, Environment protection 718-9

Air force

Air passenger duty

Air pollution

Air routes

    Regional airports 646w

Aircraft carriers


Alcoholic drinks

Alexander, Danny

                  Chamber Debates

    Post offices (17.05.2007) 769

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Armed forces, Coroners 381-2

    Aviation, Noise 461

    Community care grants, Homelessness 1172w

    Disability living allowance 174w

    Health services, Disadvantaged 909w

    Incapacity benefit, Medical examinations 640w

    Jobseeker's allowance, Lone parents 522w

    Regional airports, Air routes 646w

    Social security benefits 526w

    Social security benefits, Lone parents 526w

Alexander, Rt Hon Douglas, Secretary of State for Transport and Secretary of State for Scotland

                  Chamber Debates

    Concessionary Bus Travel Bill (HL), 2R (14.05.2007) 401-11

                  Written Statements

    Crossrail line, Tottenham Court Road Station 80ws

    "Department for Transport Departmental Report 2007" 49-50ws

    Local Transport Bill (Draft) 75-6ws


    Act of Union 1707, Anniversaries 4-6

    Airports, Ground handling services 464-5

    Defence, Scotland 1-3

    Devolution, Scotland 192w

    Employment, Scotland 191w

    Poverty, Scotland 191w

    Sports, Scotland 6-8

Allen, Mr Graham

                  Chamber Debates

    Constitutional Reform Bill, 1R (23.05.2007) 1297

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Courts, Nottingham 707w

    Parents, Departmental coordination 459w

    Parliamentary scrutiny, Legislative drafting 1372-3w

    Personal social and health education 196w


Allied Steel and Wire

    see ASW

Allocation of time motions

    see Timetabling of bills

Alzheimer's disease

    Health services (09.05.2007) 267-74

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