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Sub-Saharan Africa




    Crimes against humanity 1628w

    Internally displaced persons 673-4w

    International assistance 217w

    Petitions (11.07.2007) 1582

    Politics and government 218-9w


    Community health services 233-4w


    Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre 15-6w

Sun beds


    Revenue and Customs 1068w

Supporting people programme

Supreme Court

Sure start programme



    Dept for Communities and Local Government 630-1w, 808w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 46w

    Dept for Education and Skills 564w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 69-70w

    Dept for International Development 29w

    Dept for Transport 518w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 466w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 135w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 190w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate 714w

    Northern Ireland Office 15w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 8w

    Scotland Office 960w


    Accident and emergency departments 226w

    Nuclear power stations 867w

    Perinatal mortality 822w

Sustainable development

Sutcliffe, Mr Gerry, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Culture Media and Sport from 29 June 2007. Previously Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice

                   Chamber Debates

    Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill, Lords amendts (28.06.2007) 491-6, 505-6

                   Westminster Hall Debates


    Cricket, Schools 973w

    Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, Finance 333w

    Driving offences, Convictions 342-3w

    Driving offences, Mobile phones 343w

    Driving under influence 343-5w

    Driving under influence, Convictions 342w

    Driving under influence, Greater London 345w

    Driving under influence, Lancashire 345-6w

    English Sports Council, Finance 1025w

    Fixed penalties 347w

    Football, Primary education 1024w

    Football, World Cup 1601w

    Gaming machines, Standards 1024w

    Labour Party, Finance 1293w

    Licensing laws, Music 1517w

    Miscarriages of justice, Compensation 353-4w

    National Offender Management Service, Finance 887w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 974-5w

    Opinion Leader Research, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1516w

    Prison accommodation, Courts 334-5w

    Prison Service, Manpower 354w

    Prison Service, Pensions 354w

    Prisoners, Per capita costs 743-6w

    Prisons, Construction 355w

    Sexual offences, Sentencing 336w

    Terrorism, Compensation 360w

    Young offenders 360w

    Youth Sport Trust, Finance 1294w


    Dental services (03.07.2007) 230-6wh



    Local government finance 814w

Swinson, Jo

                   Chamber Debates

    Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill, 2R (04.07.2007) 988

    Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Bill (HL), 2R (10.07.2007) 1391-4

                   Westminster Hall Debates


    Aviation, Scotland 655w

    Business questions 1626

    Developing countries, Poverty 1491w

    Income tax, Tax rates and bands 1606-8

    Transport, Exhaust emissions 656w

Swire, Mr Hugo

                   Chamber Debates


    Art works, Theft 319w

    Cultural heritage, Iraq 42w

    Licensing laws, Fees and charges 831w

    Museums and galleries, Fees and charges 12


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