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Hughes, Rt Hon Beverley, Minister of State and Minister for the North West, Dept for Children Schools and Families

                  Chamber Debates


    Children, Day care 413w

    Children, Obesity 294w

    Education, Unitary councils 532w

    Families, Departmental coordination 1372w

    Financial services, Education 100-1w

    Pre-school education, Standards 1706-9w

    Primary education, Standards 97-8w

    Sure start programme, Ethnic groups 427-8w

    Sure start programme, Standards 428w

    Young people, Employment 1103w

    Youth services 1371-2w

Hughes, Simon

                  Chamber Debates

    Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Bill (HL), 3R (23.07.2007) 641, 646, 650-3

    Galloway, George, Members' suspension (23.07.2007) 613, 618, 630, 635-7

    Home Affairs Select Committee (25.07.2007) 917, 920, 925-8

    House of Lords, Reform (19.07.2007) 455

    Maudsley Hospital, Petitions (26.07.2007) 1155-6

    Population, Greater London (25.07.2007) 1016

    Recess motions (26.07.2007) 1095-9

    Select committees (25.07.2007) 951-3, 963

    United Kingdom Statistics Authority (25.07.2007) 915

    Westminster Hall sittings (23.07.2007) 656-8


    Committal proceedings 140w

    Voluntary organisations, Young people 238w

Huhne, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Air conditioning, Cabinet Office 1441-2w

    Air conditioning, Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 2011w

    Air conditioning, Dept for Children Schools and Families 1710w

    Air conditioning, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1138-9w

    Air conditioning, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1595w

    Air conditioning, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1790w

    Air conditioning, Dept for International Development 1512w

    Air conditioning, Dept for Transport 1550w

    Air conditioning, Dept for Work and Pensions 2275-6w

    Air conditioning, Dept of Health 1866w

    Air conditioning, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1053-4w

    Air conditioning, Home Office 1505w

    Air conditioning, House of Commons 1098w

    Air conditioning, Leader of the House of Commons 1121w

    Air conditioning, Ministry of Defence 929w

    Air conditioning, Ministry of Justice 1475-6w

    Air conditioning, Northern Ireland Office 1446w

    Air conditioning, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1094w

    Air conditioning, Scotland Office 1448w

    Carbon emissions 999w

    Carbon emissions, Barbecues 1516w

    Carbon emissions, Heating 1517w

    Carbon emissions, Horticulture 1788w

    Carbon emissions, Overseas trade 1788w

    Electronic equipment, Exports 2022-4w

    Flood control 8w

    Flood control, Coastal areas 412

    In vitro fertilisation 634w

    Industrial health and safety, Government laboratories 2213w

    Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright 2213w

    Office of Climate Change 1528w

    Office of Climate Change, Manpower 1817w

    Office of Climate Change, Publications 1817w

    Radioactive materials, Aviation 1067w

    Taxation, Plastic bags 2155w

Human papilloma virus

Human rights

    Democratic Republic of Congo 249-50w

Human Rights Act 1998


Human trafficking

Humber bridge

Humber Bridge Board

Humble, Mrs Joan

                  Chamber Debates

    Employment (18.07.2007) 292


    Children in care 1031

Hunt, Jeremy


    National Lottery, Sports 952w

Hunter, Mark

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Russia, Foreign relations (25.07.2007) 259-61wh


    Chronically sick, Stockport 170-1w

    Dental services, Stockport 159w

Hurd, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    Gardens, Petitions (16.07.2007) 132

    Prisons (24.07.2007) 750-1

Hutton, Rt Hon John, Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

                  Written Statements

    British Nuclear Fuels, AWE Management 1ws



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