Memorandum submitted Anonymously (CM 5)


As a post-graduate educated pregnant woman, who has been let down by the father of her child during pregnancy and made "homeless", all the responsibility to provide for the child's well being now and in the future lies with me. Even if I do get maintenance it won't cover a fraction of child care costs etc. So I am disappointed to learn that the new Bill seeks to reduce the percentage of the father's income from 15% net to 12% of gross. Although this may in some cases be an equivalent amount this follow a reduction in 2003 from 20% to 15% and is coupled with extortionate costs of childcare in this country (which I understand to average 800 a month for quality provision). This bill will serve to disadvantage women who want to provide the best for their child, and will need to work and even as a professional half of my income at least would go on child care, let alone mortgage payments etc. I am currently 5 months pregnant and all this concerns and distresses me greatly.


Under these circumstances and when the father has not acted as such and cared for the welfare of the mother of his child and therefore unborn child during pregnancy, why should they have automatic parental responsibility?

As a linguist, I may wish to live abroad with my child, why should I prevented from doing so by someone who has let me down when I needed support most and have had to cope alone? If both parents have parental responsibility - it should be earned and should come with needing to have equal share of ALL costs.


October 2007