Select Committee on Crossrail First Special Report

11  Conclusion - the future of the project

242. The Government and the business community have agreed that there is a need for a scheme such as Crossrail. Although the Crossrail project has enjoyed support from most of London's politicians and business community, it has been continually delayed by wrangling over finance. The Prime Minister gave Crossrail the green light with a £16 billion funding deal to secure the construction of the project on 5 October 2007. We were told that Crossrail would be funded by the Government, the private sector and Crossrail fare payers, the cost being shared equitably amongst them. The Promoter intends to continue to steer the Bill through Parliament so that a single programme of construction can begin in earnest in 2010, with an expectation that the first services on the railway will begin to run on schedule in 2017.

243. Crossrail has long been in the background of the capital's transportation development plans. Even before construction begins this scheme has blighted the homes of hundreds of people living on the proposed route. Londoners desperately need a new transport system and it is hoped that Crossrail will be able to deliver one.

244. During the last 22 months we have become immersed in the intricate detail of this complicated piece of legislation. Whilst we are now aware of the extensive information available describing the Crossrail scheme and its expected impacts, we remain concerned that members of the public may struggle to locate information that is relevant to them. Every person affected by the Crossrail Bill has the right to understand what it will mean for them and their area. The Promoters must take steps now and at every stage of this process to ensure that information provided to the public is clear, accessible and comprehensive.

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Prepared 23 October 2007