Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport First Report


Table 1: Relationship of inquiries to Liaison Committee criteria (July 2005 to December 2006)
Inquiry Government policy proposals European Commission proposals Deficient or emerging policy Expenditure PSA targets Work of Executive Agencies and related public bodies Major appointments Implementation of legislation
BBC Annual Report for 2004-05 X
Analogue switch-off XX
DCMS Annual Report 2005 X XX
London 2012 Olympic Games X X X
Broadcasting rights for cricket X
Protecting and preserving our heritage X X X
Ofcom Annual Plan 2006-07 XX X X
New media and the creative industries X X
Women's football X X
BBC Annual Report for 2005-06 X
DCMS Annual Report 2006 X XX
Caring for our collections X X

Table 2: Inquiries and outcomes
Inquiry Outcome
BBC Annual Report 2004-05 (evidence session) BBC unveiled its Licence Fee bid at the oral evidence session on 11 October 2005
Analogue switch-off Report tagged to debate on the future of the BBC, 21 June 2006; debated in Westminster Hall, 6 July 2006; commended by Minister for Broadcasting in debate on Second Reading of the Digital Switchover (Disclosure of Information) Bill, 18 December 2006
London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Significant announcement on costs made by Secretary of State in oral evidence to the Committee, 21 November 2006; subsequent Parliamentary Questions answered by reference to oral evidence
Broadcasting rights for cricket One of the Report's main conclusions directly supported by Early Day Motion 2147 of Session 2005-06, signed by 115 Members from four political parties
Protecting and preserving our heritage Government has acknowledged that the Committee's report would be taken into account in preparation of the forthcoming Heritage Protection White Paper; recommendation relating to church maintenance commended by DCMS Minister in Adjournment Debate on historic churches, 14 December 2006
New media and the creative industries Minutes of Evidence tagged to debate on the floor of the House, 21 June 2006

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