Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Fifth Report


Tuesday 9 May 2006
John Howkins, Deputy Chairman, Fiona Clarke-Hackston, Director, The British Screen Advisory Council and Jonathan Simon, Senior Manager of Corporate Relations, Channel 4
Ev  1
Anthony Lilley, Chief Executive, Magic Lantern Productions, Mark Oliver, Chief Executive, Oliver & Ohlbaum Associates Ltd, and Claire Enders, Chief Executive, Enders Analysis Ltd
Ev 9
Tuesday 16 May 2006
Christian Ahlert, Public Project Lead, Creative Commons, Jill Johnstone, Director of Policy, National Consumer Council, David Stopps, Head of Copyright & Contracts, Music Managers Forum and Emma Pike, Chief Executive, British Music Rights
Ev 34
Lavinia Carey, Chair, Alliance against IP Theft, David Ferguson, Chairman, Creators' Rights Alliance, Dominic McGonigal, Director of Government Relations, Phonographic Performance Ltd, and Joanna Cave, Chief Executive, Design and Artists' Copyright Society
Ev 60
Tuesday 6 June 2006
Peter Jamieson, Executive Chairman, Roz Groome, General Counsel, and Mark Richardson, Managing Director, Independiente Records, British Phonographic Industry
Ev 74
Deborah Tonroe, Head of TV, Video & Sports Products and Commercial Development, Orange UK, Tim Lord, Regulatory Director, Hutchison 3G, Hamish MacLeod, Mobile Broadband Group, Nicholas Lansman, Secretary General, Camille de Stempel, Director, and James Blessing, Director, Internet Service Providers' Association
Ev 90
Dan Marks, Chief Executive, BT Vision, Emma Lloyd, Managing Director, BT Movio, and Mita Mitra, Manager, Internet & New Media Regulation, BT
Ev 101 
Tuesday 13 June 2006
Andrew Yeates, Intellectual Property Adviser, UK Association of Online Publishers, Angela Mills Wade, Executive Director of the European Publishers Council, British Internet Publishers Alliance, Santha Rasaiah, Director of Political Editorial and Regulatory Affairs, and Catherine Courtney, Legal Adviser, Newspaper Society
Ev 112
John Hambley, Chairman and Media Consultant, Nick Betts, Managing Director,
Sci-fi Channel UK, Satellite and Cable Broadcasters Group, and Fred Perkins, Former Chairman of Digital Content Forum (DCF), and Founder and Chief Executive of Information TV
Ev 128
Caroline Thomson, Director of Strategy, and Ashley Highfield, Director of New Media and Technology, BBC
Ev 139
Tuesday 20 June 2006
John McVay, Chief Executive, Alex Graham, Chief Executive of Wall to Wall, and Malcolm Brinkworth, Managing Director at Touch Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT)
Ev 153
Andy Duncan, Chief Executive, Anne Bulford, Finance Director, and Andy Taylor, Managing Director of New Media, Channel 4
Ev 170 
Hamish Pringle, Director General, Jim Marshall, Chairman of Starcom UK, and Wayne Arnold, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Profero, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
Ev 179
Tuesday 17 October 2006
Philip Graf, Deputy Chairman, Tim Suter, Partner, Content and Standards, and
Peter Phillips, Senior Partner, Strategy and Market Developments, Ofcom
Ev 205
Ian Livingstone OBE, Product Acquisition Director, Eidos Interactive UK, and
Paul Jackson, Director-General, Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association
Ev 219
Patrick Bradley, Director, Ingenious Media
Ev 236
Thursday 26 October 2006
Nikesh Arora, Vice President of European Operations, and Andrew McLaughlin,
Head of Global Public Policy, Google
Ev 243
Tuesday 7 November 2006
Stewart Till CBE, Chairman, and John Woodward, Chief Executive, UK Film Council
Ev 266
David Cooke, Director, and Peter Johnson, Head of Policy, British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)
Ev 283
Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Minister of State, Department of Trade and Industry, and Shaun Woodward MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Ev 302

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Prepared 16 May 2007