Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Written Evidence

Memorandum submitted by Maverick Television

  In response to the point: The impact upon creative industries of recent and future developments in digital convergence and media technology; I offer the following observations.

  The convergence that we are witnessing across digital platforms including TV, mobile, PC, digital TV, film, online and broadband offers great opportunities for the creative industries in general.

  But in particular there are greater opportunities for Regional Creative Industries as the world is becoming a smaller place and content can be produced anytime anywhere for immediate distribution and exploitation. Creative talent need not congregate around a few capital hubs any longer and are liberated to produce from their chosen locations.

  Regions like the West Midlands that have not traditionally been recognised for creative industrial activity are rapidly embracing new media opportunities and delivering quality and competitively. This is a clear benefit to the range and diversity of voices and suppliers of UK wide creative content and only becoming possible and viable with increased new media penetration and consumer take up. This market is growing exponentially and reaches across boundaries whether regional, national and international.


  We have a vibrant digital culture and a highly networked creative community of specialists in everything from animation to the design and development of leisure and serious games. This strong business base generates more than £1.4 billion for the region's economy each year and is already ahead of many other regions in exploiting the new opportunities being created by digital TV, internet and mobile services.

  This West Midlands culture is exceptional at nurturing young creative talent. The West Midlands has the youngest and most diverse population in the UK putting us in pole position to tap into the ideas of the generation that is driving the digital entertainment revolution.

  Centres of excellence in screen based disciplines are thriving at the Universities of Coventry, Central England, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Warwick, Worcester and Wolverhampton. The region is fast becoming a central hub of the UK's digital creative industries, establishing the West Midlands as a leading player in the digital media landscape.

9 January 2006

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Prepared 16 May 2007