Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Second Report

6  Prospects

146. The 2012 Games project has attracted controversy in the last three months, with persistent media criticism and fears of exposure to increases in costs as yet undefined. This was inevitable at some point, although the current difficulties have come about earlier than might have been expected.

147. Setting aside concerns over costs, there is, however, no indication at this stage that the quality of the Games experience will be anything less than outstanding. There is as yet no outward sign of disharmony between major players; on the contrary, we heard persuasive evidence of good working relations.[308] The International Olympic Committee has repeatedly and publicly expressed its confidence in the progress made so far.[309]

148. The Committee notes the recent expressions of confidence by the International Olympic Committee in the quality of work and planning and the progress achieved in relation to timetable when compared with previous host cities. We acknowledge the careful and thoughtful approach taken so far and we endorse the decision by the ODA to plan thoroughly before taking binding decisions. We strongly commend LOCOG and the ODA for their achievements.

149. It is inevitable, as has been the case with previous Games, that the Games will, quite simply, cost the UK significantly more than the outline cost in the original bid. It is vital that public confidence in the project is maintained. An authoritative figure for final overall cost, and details of how it is to be funded, are essential if this is to be achieved.

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Prepared 24 January 2007