Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Written Evidence

Memorandum submitted by Paul Griffin

  Regarding phone in TV programs ie the mint on ITV and ITV2 my son and a babysitter used my partners phone with out permission they are both under 16 and between calls and text messages we received bills up to £700.00 I explained to ITV and the phone company what had happened and they refuse do make any reduction for this. 3G even stopped any more out going calls on the contract phone. but still charged £30.00 month for the next three month until the contract was ended totalling £297.00 which has now gone to debt collection as can not afford to pay I think some thing should be done about this matter as soon as passable they say you have to be over 18 to phone in. Yet when there not you are still charged. I also think that on any phone in the odds of winning should be displayed as on gaming machines. I also believe that all programs with phone in system should tell you how many people phone in each day and the odds of winning as it is a form of gambling. So please do your best at trying to do something about this thank you in advance.

2 November 2006

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Prepared 25 January 2007