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Memorandum submitted by Graham Meacham,

WHAT IS QUIZTELLY.COM is high profile website that was set up following the success of The site receives thousands of hits daily from fans of Quiz Telly and industry insiders. Graham Meacham is the Editor and is based in Blackpool.

MEMBERS OF QUIZTELLY.COM members discuss the various channels, shows and presenters.


  The main concern of members is that Quiz Channels hide behind their Terms and Conditions. For example Ostrich Media the makers of Quiz Call banning players and refusing to give any explanation as to why.


  It is the opinion of most members of that ITV Productions have ruined what was once an enjoyable and entertaining industry.

  Without doubt the most popular Call TV show has been "Quizmania" made by Freemantle Media. ITV Productions removed this popular show from ITV1 replacing it with "Make Your Play" which is just a money making show with all entertainment aspects removed. The ITV "call limit" is ridiculous as if the player was to use the 150 calls a day it would work out to £3,487 a month!

  It is the opinion of members that the odds of winning should always be shown, this would be an easy procedure, all that would be needed was the total amount of callers on line on screen at all times, this would make it fair for players and also would help smaller channels who get less calls as they would be able to offer better odds.

  It is also the opinion of that the phrase "A call could come through to the studio at anytime" should be stopped as it is the producer of the show that decides. As some stages in a show calls may not be taken for long periods of time, this often happens when a clue is given to a particular answer, this puts the call rates up, making more money for the channel, the player is the loser as calls to air stop until the producer decides so in all honesty you have no chance of winning until the channel/show are ready to take a winner.


  It is my opinion that the industry is reaching saturation point and since ITV Productions have entered the market place I do find myself getting more dissatisfied with Quiz Telly, the shows now appear unfair, and the presenters just push and push for more calls. Having been a strong supporter of Call TV since its inception, I am afraid that since the launch of shows such as Make Your Play and The Call and ITV's decision to sideline more popular shows such as Quizmania and The Mint. Viewers and ratings have no bearing with Call TV it's just give us your money, so it's a Win Win situation for ITV and a lose lose scenario for the viewer, with less entertainment I think it will soon be time to put the for sale sign on

November 2006

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Prepared 25 January 2007